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priming the flesh pump

carved wood mermaid in food store – foto by smith

in an unpleasantly large very american box food store here i saw a pudgy 8 year old boy stop in front of a carved wooden mermaid with humongous breasts and ass wearing a thong. her ass was human, her lower legs and feet fish – made me wonder exactly how she got the thong on

the boy slowly ran his fingers over her breasts and ass, a dreamy look on his face. he ended using both hands to rub both her nipples. maybe puberty’s coming earlier these days, or maybe he’s just sexually precocious, but it was one of those odd, slightly uncomfortable forbidden moments.

what’s truly bizarre is the mermaid ain’t for sale – she and a carved wooden ape are eye candy to attract you to a food tasting table.

i blame it all on TV priming the flesh pump.

health pamphlet illustration – foto by smith

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