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screen-saver heart

one of our plants – foto by smith

blogging is an ego-driven phenomenon. why would anyone think another human would be interested in their daily thoughts and actions? we all have lives, so why would we need to spend ours reading of another’s?

considering the time most folk spend in front of a tv, it would seem they’re trying to escape their own lives, live vicariously through others – sort of like parents often do with their children. so if it’s escape they want and need, i’ve done things most folk won’t, am living my present life as most folk don’t. so there’s a lot of entertainment value.

people also examine other’s lives for clues on what to do – or most often, what not to do. again, my life is a fine example of both.

however, nobody’s life is worth a daily public on-line entry. no one’s thoughts are worth daily jottings. no one is interesting all the time.

that said, let’s see – what’s new for escape or learning today? hmmmmmm, my heart is skipping beats again. sometimes 3 beats and a skip, sometimes 14 and a skip. think a salty restaurant meal initiated it. my heart started skipping december 2006 in croatia due to not enough water and waaaaaaay too much strong coffee – plus every meal we ate in a croatian restaurant came wrapped in a salt blanket. i changed my diet and ways and finally got it working right again in france in early 2007.

it is worrisome when your heart stops and your brain keeps going, pondering it – causes a wee bit of worry. logically my skipped heartbeats mean less oxygen is being sent to my cells, and fewer toxins removed from my blood. of course since i’m using fewer beats per day than required, that leaves extra unused beats down the line to keep me going after i otherwise wouldn’t be. figure this is my screen-saver heart mode.

anyway, drop my 2 cups of coffee a week, cut down my salt, drink more water, and i should be fine. again. “fine again” could describe my life – hop in trouble, wiggle and work my way out of trouble. been doing it 62 years now. you’d think after awhile i’d get it right.

local pigeon – foto by smith

2 Responses to “screen-saver heart”

  1. MadM says:

    Why would we spend our time reading another’s blog? Well, I’ve just been catching up with youse’s, reading the entries from the weeks I was out adventuring the auld sod with uncertain internet. I read yerz same reasons you read mine; to see what you’re doing/ thinking. To exchange lives. Yer blog made me begin my blahg.
    There has always been a large written & visual component to our friendship, from poems nailed Luther-ish to my door to many many mailart pieces, and then as we digitized and I deafened, lotta e-mail, and when Lady and you became youse, that was immediate w/ Lady. This is good. Heartskipping, not, but you know what to do and that’s good.

  2. smith says:

    it’s not friends reading friends for all the reasons you say i’m thinking about – it’s all the strangers i wonder about.

    plus i seriously wonder lately about my compulsion to blog daily. on one level it keeps me on my toes, kinda like a high-wire act.

    your blog certainly is a beautiful one since you hit scotland.

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