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sweets succinctly sour

political graffiti – foto by smith

this is from 1993, and is perhaps my most poetic poem – the sounds slither. one of three poems of mine included in this year’s Cleveland Poetry Scenes – A Panorama and Anthology

Alone This Train

I look to pain to gain
Sleep devoid of sheep
And master’s muster walk
Or talk of tinkers’ conforming will

Alone this train
I see you born
To breed
To die
Infected meat
You teach to cheat
Your fly from famine
Shallow matter
Decayed in safety’s slumber

You briefcased fellows
Bellow farts to follow
Hollow smells
Of high topped fashion
Passion fish not flesh
But flounder

Hurried waters sleek in sinning
Shower lies and cry forgetting
Licking compulsion’s flesh

This land is long, and lost in shadow
Her sweets succinctly sour

striking teachers tent – foto by smith

2 Responses to “sweets succinctly sour”

  1. ke says:

    you silver tongued devil…

  2. smith says:

    part of kris kristofferson and Silver Tongued Devil – 1971

    I sat myself down by a tender young maiden
    Who’s eyes were as dark as her hair
    And while I was searching from bottle to bottle
    For something un-foolish to say
    That silver tongued devil just slipped from the shadows
    And smilingly stole her away

    I said girl don’t you know he’s a devil
    He’s everything that I ain’t
    Hiding intentions of evil under the smile of a saint
    All he’s good for is getting in trouble
    And slipping his share of the blame
    And some people swear he’s my double
    And some even say we’re the same
    But the silver-tongued devil’s got nothing to lose
    And I’ll only live ’till I die
    We take our own chances and pay our own dues
    The silver tounged devil and I

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