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the inventor of recycled neon art

found neon sculpture by jeff chiplis – foto by lady k

humans aren’t my favorite people, but Chiplis is okay. i’ve no proof he’s actually human, but if he is, he’s one of the good ones.

Chiplis is the proprietor of the Fairy Tale Love Shack Out Back, a very small 2 room house where Lady and i lived for 6 weeks before leaving the country the 1st time, and for 10 weeks before we left the country the 2nd time. the shower was in the kitchen between the fridge and stove.

our friend had us read at his Razzle Dazzle art closing right after we got back to cleveland after 14 months overseas.

found neon sculpture by jeff chiplis – foto by smith

The New York Times calls Jeff Chiplis the inventor of recycled neon art – (click here), and he was reviewed in Art in America – (click here).

here’s 3 shots of his work from 2006 and 2007. there’s another 27 fotos of his recent work on my art site at (click here)

found neon sculpture by jeff chiplis – foto by chiplis

2 Responses to “the inventor of recycled neon art”

  1. ke says:

    Your website is always so colorful, it cools & soothes the savage breast.
    Diggin’ the new poetry, too…

  2. andy says:

    Here’s a link to a scan of the first page of the 2003 Art in America article.

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