Month: June 2008


    photo by lady I believe we manifest possible realities. Every day I tell myself a mythology about two futures, one global in scope, and one more personal. In my personal future, Smith and I have great success with our books and artwork. In the other future/present, everything collapses and there is no more civil society […]

  • give us this day our daily blog

    wall and ad frag – foto by smith been trying for 20 months to put a label on my waking life. for a long time i used “endure,” but that has erroneous negative implications. before lady came along, i had a hard time going. i thought i knew what was going on – i was […]

  • a muse mess

    political graffiti – foto by smith number nine #9 i was musing on the muses and was amused to find there are 9. or 18. depends on your back story. one source says they are 9 water nymphs sired by Zeus, king of the gods, out of Mnemosyne, goddess of memory. a second claims they’re […]


    photo by lady OUR MASTERS ARE IMMORAL ASSHOLES “I feel like I’m looking at the past when I read business news articles.” In a way, you are, aren’t you. ‘The Way the World Was.’ “Yeah, definitely. We’re not gonna be able to sustain this.” Read the petroleum article. (End of the Petroleum Age? They […]

  • sop

    graffiti – foto by smith SOP It hurts to be a teddy bear To sit alone, unused No longer wanted anywhere Just left alone, confused I’m tossed aside to lie in here This dank and musty chest The dampness serves to hide my tear The dark to mock my past Not always thus, this has […]

  • pot luck potpourri

    tv shadow from Being There (Peter Sellers) – foto by smith ~ ~ ~ “first you ask them. then you tell them. then you make them” – that’s the old policeman law. the new cop law is “Taser Nation over all, with liberty and justice revocable.” ~ ~ ~ african vervet adult monkeys have verbal […]

  • limbic / lizard

    street graffiti art – foto by smith when you’re not in the flow, stuff happens. walking along the highway today, a pickup truck passenger squirted us in the face with a liquid as they passed. it looked, felt and smelled like water – but water here can be a deadly weapon. it didn’t upset me […]

  • myspace pace

    resist – foto by smith i wrote this blog months ago. i didn’t post it because i hate negative blogs, i kept hoping MySpace would improve, and i kept having other more positive things to blog about. but finally my disgust with MySpace’s increasingly worsening response times has pushed me past my point of understanding. […]


    Oaxacan textile museum, photo by Lady Chess Term: Skewer “A skewer is a tactical device where an enemy piece is attacked by a line piece and forced to move, thereby exposing a second enemy piece to capture. It is also widely known as an Xray.” Here are some skewers I’m thinking about lately: Leftist intellectuals […]


    foto by lady – oaxacan graffiti There’s a whole buncha things you cannot get around, sex, race, age, economic status, height, build– these are just the things you notice visually, just glancing at somebody. All these things can be overcome, but they’re initial factors. The biggest thing you can’t tell right away, that’s how conservative […]