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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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limbic low

Limbic Rock – assemblage & foto by smith

some days the reptiles rip your limbic brain into mutant metaphor and lick the juicy parts. other days the daze aint bad.

the limbic system is our second oldest flesh, our longest inner enemy, our reptilian brain containing survival programs from our primitive past – the lizard lusts learned and liked in ancient licking.

limbic brain wants to do what limbic brain wants to do when limbic brain wants to do it – that’s its basic logic flow.

it kills, flees, eats, sleeps, fucks. it’s the border brain between our ancient brain stem which keeps us going and our newer higher brains telling us how. basic behavior brain, it drives and is driven by emotion. it only reasons when deciding whether to flee or fight. ethics, morality, friendship, metaphor, could, should, would mean nothing.

lizard brain wants to sleep in hot son on rock, eat flies, have lizard sex, kill what it can and flee what it can’t.

many folk live in lizard land, although there’s more males than females because the female brain is wired for expression, not aggression: “when studied in states of relaxation, men idle in the evolutionarily ancient reptilian areas of the limbic system which give rise to unsubtle active expressions of emotions like aggression and violence, while women rest in a newer higher region related to symbolic forms of expression like gestures and words”.

men growl, women talk, men kill, women cuddle.

societies need be judged by how they deal with the human lizard in us all.

Almost Persuaded

I’ve been told too many truths for justice
Or torment in limbic loin
To look for form or function in future satin

I crow denial thrice
Return to green for growing
And look to lust for life in logic’s other loggerjam

the B-side – foto by smith

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