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myspace pace

resist – foto by smith

i wrote this blog months ago. i didn’t post it because i hate negative blogs, i kept hoping MySpace would improve, and i kept having other more positive things to blog about. but finally my disgust with MySpace’s increasingly worsening response times has pushed me past my point of understanding.

MySpace is:
Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.
This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group.

MySpace is:
The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.

MySpace is:
The rich-text editor is currently disabled. We’re working on a fancy new one.

(how many years has it been now?)

it’s gotten so bad in myspace that when i click on another’s blog or a different page in my own site, i play solitaire while waiting for a response because each initial click (and frequently each multiple re-click) returns the “unexpected error” or “timed-out” messages. myspace makes snails look fast and liars truthful.

this endless delay is NOT caused by my high speed connection or my computer because i can go to our WalkingThinIce blog, click on the same links in the same blogs, and get there IMMEDIATELY. MySpace linkages are hundreds of times slower than my WalkingThinIce linkages. same connection, same computer, same user. it takes 2-4 minutes just to leave a comment – IF you get to leave a comment at all.

i’ve also noticed it is harder and takes longer to access anti-government blogs in MySpace.

and what is MySpace exactly? mostly a sea of filth, violence, and perversion. if you glance at the top 10 blogs, they’re all sex, flesh, hatred, misogynism, and blind faith.

i have met a fine group of people on MySpace, and made genuine new friends, and i’m grateful for our small readership – which keeps me coming back. but it’s with a distinctly bad taste in my mouth that i sign on each day.

and MySpace has shown me what a plethora of incredibly creative folk we have out there, how many interesting artists and poets exit in the world. i’m blown away by all the talent i see.

and finally this piece of slanderous actionable garbage from tom – he could easily be sued for defamation for this:

You are about to leave

In an effort to stop phishing, we are warning you:
This page is not meant to keep you from going to the link you’ve clicked on. It is just a warning to not enter your MySpace password on this site, even if the page you visit looks like a MySpace login page.

sex, flesh, hatred, misogynism, and blind faith – foto by smith

One Response to “myspace pace”

  1. MadM says:

    Dunno nothin bout myspace because I took one look and knew it definitely wasn’t my space…but lately am feeling some of the same about Yahoo

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