foto by lady – oaxacan graffiti

There’s a whole buncha things
you cannot get around, sex, race,
age, economic status, height, build–
these are just the things you notice
visually, just glancing at somebody.
All these things can be overcome,
but they’re initial factors.

The biggest thing you can’t tell
right away, that’s how conservative
or creative they are. I need open
minds and souls. Any color race,
size, shape, sex.

Put a Republican mind in a beautiful
body, you have zombie trash. Put a
*beautiful* mind in an *ugly* body,
it’s a wonder to behold.

In counts more than out. Especially
over the looooonnnng run. Cuz we all
get rinkly, saggy, splotchy, cranky,
gaseous and broken. At that point,
the inside’s all ya got!

If you’re gonna start off with
somebody beautiful, there better be
something inside to keep you going
after the wrinkles come, cuz
everybody gets old.

Except rich Hollywood stars. They
have so many plastic surgeries, they
start looking like bad taxidermy.
Burt Reynolds *really* looks weird.
He can sneeze and not a single part
of his face will move. Looks like
it got wet and sagged and dried wrong.
Kenny Rogers, the country singer, he
looks like a bad special horror
effect in the movies. You can tighten
facial skin only so many times.

If I ever have plastic surgery, I’ll
have a couple scars cut into my face,
have myself disfigured, add some
character. And I’m gonna of course
have my left testicle removed.

smith n lady

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