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lady’s day

Lady in bathroom thru roof stairs window – foto by smith

i told Lady she’s getting feisty since eating magic mushrooms – now she’s in chat rooms calling folk on their logic. she says i’m right, that during the trip she remembers thinking “Now I don’t have take anything from anyone anymore.” going to the other side and coming back gave her more confidence in her own strength of thinking.

now she’s researching other “other side” logics – including astral projection, learning how to trip naturally with the mind, and hallucinogenics. she’s also interested in getting her physical, mental and work life flowing better. before our trip, she said the mushrooms for her were for doing psychological work, and it worked.

i’ve gotta get some jump-start clarity because i’m still yesterday – lady’s now.

ps – she has two poems just published online at

Lady in front of her assemblage at Sara & Mike’s in Cleveland – foto by smith

Lady in Huautla, on town hall steps – foto by smith

pensive Lady – foto by smith

2 Responses to “lady’s day”

  1. r dustin says:

    It could be said that it’s like opening a can of worms or Pandora’s box. It could also be said it’s a quick jump start for getting to a place few get or dare to go. …when a simple journey becomes a quest…

  2. salinger says:

    And even with all the conciousness raising one can muster – not having toliet paper can still ruin an afternoon.

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