Month: August 2008

  • zen over zero

    font – foto by smith Zen over Zero Dog week later in kitchen pouring Coffee into my veins with a dull cup A daze of morals and Moses Whines and Rosicrucians It’s raining cats and gods And I am a fine unman elefunk man – foto by smith


    I like Lady. I think it’s a good story. the plot to get whitey light head the altar of art clues for cleaner tools – – – Some understandings for me: Here are some understandings and certainties for me. 1. I refuse to be labeled, marginalized and dismissed. 2. If you look too deeply you […]

  • the concept of truth in communication

    another answer “What’s wrong?” I don’t know how to communicate well. I thought that I was clever and it would be appreciated. “So why are you so caustic?” I admired someone, and he was my best friend for many years. I thought he was so clever, and he is. “I don’t have the exact quote, […]

  • lots overlapping

    closed tienda (store) – foto by smith Lots Overlapping Seems to me a lot of people Are sleeping with a lot of people Under various rules and regulations While I deal in shadow (For not all place bound in time) I think it’s neat sniffing sheep in heat Though not my style I’m more rock […]


    . . Looks like Vin Diesel’s gone down the food chain.* Well, he had a horrible name for a movie star. It’s like Rocky 17 now. I liked him, I always did now. O! Look at that! The eyes moved! And there are four Ronald Reagan masks! *And I didn’t mean nothin by that, jes […]

  • unknown nipple

    street art – foto by smith Unknown Nipple Your nipple Though we’ve yet to meet Must surely seek to touch My tongue’s erectile tissue Which seeks south to nether musk Past inward looking navel Which wise in eastern ways When rocked in western rhythm Knows what in maya may Be only sleek illusion Wonders reaped […]


    I’M TALKIN TO ME IN A UNIVERSE & I’m talkin to all of us. All I’m sayin is before you lay yr cards on the table, you shoulda searched yr earnest. I never tell anyone what to do, but I can show you the dance floor and let you borrow my partner. See how everyone’s […]

  • flesh

    coffee cafe art – foto by smith Flesh Like love and money We weave about the focus A melody of maybe In silent forest ritual Growth duration flesh essence We stand in the snow Embrace the cold And leave no tracks Though we stumble Frosted amidst redemption I need a dollar like a dead man […]

  • three faces of eve

    shadow fact – foto by smith Three Faces of Eve Moroi, Moroi We meet where The cuckoo does not sing The dog does not bark The sacred yew my flesh The warming gone Though hidden behind Paths in the park I in my city Am amphetamine hot And see Clean Grecian face In crumpled wrap […]


    POLLY PUREHEART PONDERS …so what this cat taught me, is I can take anything, I can make it mine. I mean, who knows, maybe he wasn’t even talkin specifically to me, you see? I think he got a bunch of us, all lined up in a row, and he was gonna see if the bullet […]