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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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emergency magic

street carnival stripes – foto by smith

Friday, October 13, 2006, Krakow Poland

the sunday we moved in here for 5 weeks, we walked 30 minutes with our still too heavy badly packed backpacks, arrived at agreed upon time of noon. no one answered the office buzzer. lady went looking for pay phone while i watched the packs. she came back, phone-less. i’m looking about to see where we can spend the night, so we can work it out monday after office opens, when young bubbly blonde lady walks up, asks if we’re trying to get in. she whips out her cell phone, makes 3 calls, talks like the wind – then buzzes the cleaning woman, opens the door, picks up lady’s backpack, carries it up the stairs to our flat, has the cleaning woman give us her keys until the office opens monday, tells us to have a good time, and splits. she said she’d stopped by to tell her boss who lives in the building she had to take 2 days off. her name’s Dianna. personally, i think she’s either an earth angel, or is from the future and came back just to help us. some say time is an illusion, it doesn’t exist, that past, present, future are 3 ways of looking at same thing.

magic is real.

for example, couple weeks ago, at the kitchen table, sitting across from lady, i told her i was going to find some grass. she asked how. so i said “marijuana, marijuana, marijuana,” 3 times quickly, evenly. rapped once on the table with my knuckles, and replied “there, i’ve manifested it. it will come.” then looked about mock seriously saying “well, where is it?”

next morning, walking up the street here in the old jewish section, i heard someone say “smith.” turned to empty street. lady walked back to open internet door where a rock n roller we’d just met stepped out. i asked if there were any chance of finding grass. he reached into his pocket saying “here, somebody just gave me this. it must have been for you” and handed me a bud.

i said it would come, half believing it jester gesture, half believing it real. and it came. i’m surprised, but not shocked. you cannot count on this type of magic happening, but you cannot discount it either. it all depends on your attitude and how playful reality is feeling

street carnival stripes – foto by smith

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