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pink wapping proper

lady in sitting room room window from kitchen window – foto by smith

blog partial from Tuesday, August 22, 2006, London UK

in the undergound tube on the way to cabaret poetical’s open mic last night, lady says we have to change from the orange line to the pink line at whitechapel. “i don’t do no pinks lines,” i reply. “pink lines are for feminists. pink lines are for commies. pink lines are for girly men. i’m a manly man,” i say. “i don’t do pink – unless it’s pussy … i do do pink pussy.”

she stares at me. then says we have to get off at whitechapel. so i start singing “going to the chapel and we’re gonna get ma-a-ar-ied, going to the chapel of love.” she stares some more. so i explain it’s ‘chapel of love‘ by the dixie cups – then say that’s wrong, it can’t be the dixie cups, cuz they’re black, and this is whitechapel, so it must be elvis’s version, cuz he’s white. she looks at me some more.

then we come to the wapping stop and i say “you know what stop this is?” she says “what. “i say wapping,” and lightly wap her back and forth across her cheeks. she’s laughing too hard by now to stare. on the way back, i ask her, “do you know the next stop?” she says “no.” i say “wapping,” and wap her some more. she says “you’re way too far past your bedtime.” we wake up this morning and she waps me back. ah, that’s the way to start the day – with a good wapping.

recalled Yesterday & Today Beatle album cover – collage & foto by smith

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