Month: September 2008

  • penis, breasts, heart

    two hats and a scarf hanging on wall hooks – foto by smith looking at the internet, billboards, bus ads, wall ads and spam ads, it appears life in the usa comes down to how big your dick is if you’re a guy, and how large your tits are if you’re a gal. the size […]

  • the CITY DAILY #2

    The Dream of the Dishwasher The scraps of food that he scrapes off the plates are weapons of biological warfare that only he can dispose of properly The perfectly rounded plates and saucers are perfect models for flying saucers in the science fiction novel he’s writing The steam when he opens the dish machine is […]

  • the CITY DAILY – #1

    Pray Bones – Smith FIRE & SHADOW i have a buddha candle holder he is sitting in the lotus position the tea light goes in a slot in front of his folded wing-like legs when it’s lit it looks like his crotch is on fire & he casts the shadow of his profile on the […]


  • bubble twistor core

    oaxacan street graffiti – foto by smith lady and i were talking, and i brought up bubble memory (a mid 1970s concept that didn’t last long). this lead to core memory and twistor memory for computers. bubble, core and twistor were all invented by the same guy – and all three were immediately replaced by […]

  • zen over zero & issue 23

    cover of Zen Over Zero – foto by smith lady’s combed through the last 44 years of my creative life to put out my first book. it’s also the first publication from The City Poetry Press. Zen Over Zero Steven B. Smith selected poems 1964-2008 it’s 69 poems / 22 collages 78 pages 6 x […]

  • CITY POETRY ZINE: new issue

    C I T Y   P O E T R Y   Z I N E – full issue online IN THIS ISSUE: Kimberley Diamond Bones, Dianne Borsenik, E B Bortz, Hilary Brandt, Bree, C M Brooks, Michael H Brownstein, Courtney Campbell, Jeff Chiplis, Eli P Cimota, Jesus Crisis, Djuana, Jim Deuchers, KE, Michele Gibbs, Geoffrey Landis, Jim […]

  • a man sans honor

    the world according to john mccain – foto by smith john mccain bases his fame, character and honor on being a prisoner of war in vietnam. they say he’s a hero. excuse me? the man was flying an airplane, dropping napalm on civilian women and children in an illegal war of aggression when he got […]

  • i voted

    our government – foto by smith i have never voted. i tried to register in 1971 to vote against richard nixon, but i was a convicted felon and maryland didn’t allow felons to vote. since then, there hasn’t been anybody to vote for, and no one i despised enough to vote against. but today i […]

  • ladyfest

    ladyfest – foto by smith my little lady is slowly, discontinuously walking around this morning with squinched up eyes and headache hangover pain. she had 4 glasses of wine yesterday, and she’s a two glass person at most. her pain takes me back to my drinking days and what i’m glad to miss. i’m in […]