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a man sans honor

the world according to john mccain – foto by smith

john mccain bases his fame, character and honor on being a prisoner of war in vietnam.

they say he’s a hero.

excuse me? the man was flying an airplane, dropping napalm on civilian women and children in an illegal war of aggression when he got shot down. after he was tortured by the vietcong, he made a traitorous anti-american video.

so his heroism is based on his failing in his task of murdering civilians, then making a treasonous film against his country after he got caught by the people he was killing.

this is a man worthy of respect?

as for his reputation for being an honest politician, folk forget that mccain was part of the keating five savings and loan scandal where he was caught trying to get the government to stop their investigation. he got off because there wasn’t enough evidence to try him, but the senate ethics committee determined in 1991 senator john mccain exercised “poor judgment”.

mccain claims he has honor, yet even though he was tortured by the vietcong, he rolled over in the senate and voted to allow the cheneybush beast to torture others.

mccain is slip sliding away from every honorable stance he once held, which implies they weren’t principles held so much as masks assumed for profit and political office.

he is also way too old to lead a country, and occasionally appears to be in the early stages of senility. and his famous temper tantrums are unbelievable, not something you’d want in a war-mongering president who has his finger on the nuclear button.

his choice for vice-president is a person who as mayor tried to get her city librarian to censor books, and as governor is currently being investigated for malfeasance in office – and she’s only been governor 2 years. she’s also a flat-earther religious-wrong fundamentalist anti-feminist who believes a woman’s place is 2 steps behind her man. her own daughter got knocked up because mom doesn’t believe in sex education.

and finally, he’s backed every crooked, illegal act dick cheney and george bush have committed against our country and the world.

the only two people possibly worse to have in office than mccain and palin are the two mass murdering war criminals currently holding that office – dick cheney and george bush.

ever since he was released as a prisoner of war, john mccain has been damaging this country. too bad the vietcong didn’t keep him. perhaps we could give him back, with sarah palin.

the world according to john mccain – foto by smith

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