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i voted

our government – foto by smith

i have never voted. i tried to register in 1971 to vote against richard nixon, but i was a convicted felon and maryland didn’t allow felons to vote. since then, there hasn’t been anybody to vote for, and no one i despised enough to vote against.

but today i voted for the very first time in my 62 years. we sent off our absentee ballots today. i voted against the senile mccain and the venal sarah palin and the reoccurring evil of darth vader cheney and wet brain bush – and FOR obama.

it’s funny, i had to care enough to leave my country before i cared enough vote.

i’d love to vote third party, except third parties don’t yet work in america and are essentially a waste of one’s vote. vote third party, and you’re voting to keep the bad guys in. besides, i respect obama more than any third party candidate.

i know the voting process is crooked, has been heavily rigged by the republicans and corporations, so on one level my vote does not count. but i figure each vote against the corpoRAT house slaves known as the republican party is one more vote they have to counter, and the more votes they have to back out, the harder it will be to cheat their way to victory.

the current misadministration stole two elections to get in, has bankrupted our country financially and morally, has gutted our constitution and quality of life, has filled their pockets and their friend’s pockets with our money, has dumbed down our educational system, has destroyed the u.s. economy, has spied on americans, has murdered 5,000 americans, has murdered one and a half million iraqi civilians, and has been so malignant they’ve given evil even a worse name than it had. the only way to evaluate the cheney bush beast is to go back in time and compare them to adolf hitler and joseph stalin and the chicago mafia mob. this is the crookedest most evil government the united states of america has ever had. and considering how venal politicians have always been, that’s really saying something.

it’s interesting to note that the law of the land, the law created by the rich for the rich, states that treason and profiteering in a time of war are punishable by death before a firing squad. by their own standards, george w bush, dick cheney, rice, rumsfeld, wolfowitz, gonzales, and powell qualify to be shot. they’re all traitors to our country, they’re all profiting from the war. it’d be using their rules and their game to provide their fair punishment.

anyway, i vowed never to vote because it’s a fool’s game with the rich offering corporate puppet-A or corporate puppet-B for you to choose between. but the corporate dictators and their democratic and republican lackeys have gotten so evil, so out of hand, that i have compromised my non-voting stance and voted.

bottom line – if i can vote for the first time in my 6 decades of life, so can you.

we have to fuck these bastards, and fuck them good.

what anyone who doesn’t vote against mccain/palin is doing – foto by smith

One Response to “i voted”

  1. salinger says:

    I’ll be voting early – next week. We can do so here at the courthouse. I suggest anyone who thinks they could benefit from voting early to check into the rules in your locality. Sara and I will be in Cairo during the election – we’ll see if we come back…

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