sounds like

Rafa, Lady’s Dutch hairdresser’s son – foto by smith

We were wondering if “mama,” “papa,” “pee pee” and “ca ca” were global words, so Lady typed “universal baby words” into the search engine and these 5 words came back that a sound savant says babies make and mean the same all over the world regardless of the baby’s race, ethnicity, or heritage. Babies world wide age 0-3 months old use these 5 words when they are feeling a certain way:

• Neh = “I’m hungry”
• Owh = “I’m sleepy”
• Heh = “I’m experiencing discomfort”
• Eair = “I have lower gas/ I need to poop”
• Eh = “I need to burp”

Sounds like politics.

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, when asked about his thoughts on the upcoming election said, “There will be an election, followed by rioting, the complete unraveling of society, and, I assume, a zombie problem. And everyone will agree it’s an improvement.”

– (from The New Yorker’s Cartoon Lounge: An Interview with the “Dilbert” Cartoonist Scott Adams)

I’m starting to think McCain isn’t very popular. I go online and see him called John McShame John McPain John McConjob John McCan’t John Recant John McLame John McNasty John McBlame – and that’s just in my blogs.

peek-a-boo – foto by smith

the 3 flames

fire 3 – foto by smith

Watching three candles burn unevenly in Lady’s art altar, I was reminded of this fairy tale I never heard as a child.

The 3 Flames

Three little flames were applying for fire, and were discussing their burn philosophies with the hiring candle.

First flame cried, “Burn bright! Be light! Delight! Go fast! Be past!”

Second flame moaned, “Burn low… go slow… be glow… hunker down… stick around.”

The third just laughed. “No, no, no, that’s all so pre-so. Be now. Take a bow. Dance with wind. Glance within. Burn high. Burn low. Reggae. Calypso. Limbic mojo. Clue the fire down below. Let’s get this show in the flow. Go row rainbow.”

Guess who got the job?

3 – foto by smith

walking wuh-HAW-kuh

Oaxaca, Zapata Inauguration – foto by smith

ghost walk, Oaxaca – foto by smith

winged-man graffiti, Oaxaca – foto by smith

Lady’s roof work room, Oaxaca – foto by smith

Our Lady of Guadalupe street wall art, Oaxaca – foto by smith

white cat line, Oaxaca – foto by smith

system of permanent vigilance, Oaxaca – foto by smith

flux flow foulness

doodle by Lady K – collage & foto by smith

I wrote a nasty blog yesterday about a nasty man named John McCain that caused some nasty comments to be left. Nasty man, nasty blog, nasty comments. Makes sense. I feel a bit bad about being nasty, sending unpleasant ripples out into reality, but the Republican mud slinging drives me up a wall. They say the most outrageous mean-spirited lies that appeal to bigots, the ignorant, and the fear mongers. Makes me want to shout Wake up America, read what the rest of the world has to say.

One of my problems is the facts are out there, not all that difficult to find and check out. They’re just not in mainstream American newspapers or on American TV because those sources are owned by the very folk who are fluxing us over. One can easily access the internet and see what the rest of the world is saying about American crimes against humanity, but most folk don’t have time. Others lack the inclination. A few fear finding fact because it disturbs their world belief.

Since December 2005, Lady and I have been our own boss 24/7/365. It leaves a lot of time to read and research. The more we read, the worse the world situation seems. The worse it seems, the deeper we read. The more we learn, the more appalled we become. I can’t believe what’s being done, and said, and not said. We’ve lived in 10 countries in the past 27 months, and it’s quite an eye-opener to see how much the normal citizens of the rest of the world despise America – not Americans, just America. We have become the world’s rapacious evil monster destroying all about us.

I believe it’s going to be bad after the election when Obama wins. I know if McCain got in I’d be furious. Well, all the bigots, skinheads, rednecks, fundamentally wrong Christian rightests, flat earthers, and the rich are going to be just as furious having Obama as president, especially with a filibuster-proof congress. The blinder wearers are going to attack every move he makes. It’s going to be flat out cultural warfare. My fury would be intellectual, their fury will be physical.

I don’t understand how come my people – the educated, the sensitive, the compassionate, the liberal, the fair – are willing to live and let live while the neo-cons, the republicans, and the religious wrong all insist on running my life as well as their own. My people observe the separation of Church and State while the overtly religious and the cruelly conservative always try to overrun State with Church. I say live and let live while they say do it their way or hit the highway. Personally I’m tired of being told how to live by the woefully ignorant and the spiritually misguided. I’ve never seen such immoral behavior as I have from the Christians who wouldn’t recognize Jesus Christ if He walked in the door.

I bet the bigots, the skinheads, the corporate CEOs, the rednecks, the fundamentally wrong religious rightests, the rich, and the flat earthers spend the next 8 years plotting to assassinate Obama. They’ve already started – two skinheads have already been arrested:

This is all getting too nasty, too complicated. I’m more into simple things. Yesterday I trimmed my toenails and my finger nails. it’s almost never I do them both at the same time, so they’re always mismatched in growth and need. It’s cool to have an even start, to be balanced. Too bad the mad mob backing Sarah Palin and John McCain can’t be balanced, can’t be educated, can’t be reasoned with intelligently. That group of folk goes back in a straight line to the Salem witch hunters, the Spanish Inquisition, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Kim Jong-il, Mao Tse-Tung, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

I’m glad Lady and I left America 27 months ago, although actually America started leaving me the day Ronald Reagan became president. Eight years of Reagan, four years of Bush 1, eight years of the Republican wolf in Democratic clothing called Bill Clinton, and the last eight years of the crimes against humanity known as the Cheney-Bush Beast have left a scum on the America I was taught in school to revere.

I’m hoping Obama’s presidency can clean the tub.

Think tomorrow I’ll blog some gentle fotos of children and hope just to get this bad taste out of my mouth.

But regardless, John McCain and Sarah Palin are hate-mongers, and each and every lie they spread must be exposed and killed by the light of truth.

hope – foto by smith

the man speaks professional forked tongue

Abu Ghraib (John McCain’s stance on torture) – collage & foto by smith

John McCain his built his entire career on a lie – that he is a war hero.

He says he’s a hero because he was shot down while bombing civilians during the Vietnam War, and then tortured after he was captured. Personally, I have trouble seeing anyone as a hero who kills women and children. And the fact of the matter is, he even failed at his task of murdering civilians.

Now his Vietnamese jailer (Tran Trong Duyet) says John McCain was never tortured while in his prison, and the person who rescued him from the crashed jet (Mr Lua) says McCain wasn’t even tortured after being pulled from his plane – in fact Mr Lua says he personally saved McCain from being tortured.

A few excerpts from a & The Times October 25, 2008 article titled “‘John McCain was never tortured in my jail’, says Tran Trong Duyet.”

“Mr Lua was the first on the scene after the crash and swam out to retrieve the battered, politically valuable prize.

“He mimes clutching Mr McCain’s hair in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other: “I didn’t care about the politics, I just saw a man who had killed so many Vietnamese that I longed to kill him. He was injured badly and at the time I was desperate to finish him off. We only stopped because we were told he was more valuable alive. Now I’m glad I did stop.

“Mr Lua speaks of quickly getting Mr McCain to the safety of a police station before any harm was done. Mr McCain writes of mob attacks on his shoulder, ankle and groin with rifle-butt and bayonet.

“I never tortured or mistreated the POWs and nor did my staff,” says Mr Duyet in contradiction of Mr McCain’s account and those of other prisoners. “The Americans were dropping bombs on military and civilian targets – so it’s not as if they had important information we needed to extract.” Mr Duyet says that he sympathizes with Mr McCain and other POWs for claiming that they were tortured. “It’s up to the Americans to decide whether or not he counts as a hero. He was very brave, very manly, he dared to argue with me and he was very intelligent. But all the talk of being tortured is for the sake of votes.”

“Nguyen Tien Tran, another of the directors at the prison, confirms his colleague’s story: “We had a clear code of taking care of the injured. We did our best to patch McCain up and he was treated by a good doctor. Why would he say that he was tortured?”

This is a case of whom do you believe. I don’t know much about the Vietnamese men mentioned above. But I do know John McCain, and he has lied thousands of times in the just the past two years alone. He also lied when the Congressional Ethics Committee caught him with his hand in the Keating Five scandal cookie jar, and he lied when his wife got caught stealing money from a charity so she could buy illegal drugs. The man speaks professional forked tongue.

And whether he was tortured or not, the fact remains he buckled and gave the Viet Cong information while a prisoner of war, signed documents admitting he was a war criminal, even made a film vilifying the USA – so technically, just like George W. Bush when he went AWOL from his National Guard unit during the Vietnam war, McCain is a traitor to his country (which means if tried for treason and found guilty, both could be shot in front of a firing squad).

Actually though, his POW admissions are the only thing I admire about John McCain because he was indeed a war criminal and the USA was indeed illegally killing civilians. Probably the last truthful thing to come out of his mouth.

You want to check this data out, type in “McCain Tran Trong Duyet torture Vietnam” into your search engine, and you’ll get all kinds of hits, most on respectable sites (I do not consider FoxNews, the rabid neocon con blogs, or the braindead flat-earth religious wrong fundamentalist sites respectable – they’re all howling at a non-existent moon while licking their own unwiped assholes).

Sarah Palin lies a lot too, especially when she keeps shrilly screaming Obama’s a terrorist because he lives in the same neighborhood as an ex-terrorist. But it’s more interesting what she won’t say: she refused to say folk who bomb abortion clinics are terrorists. Obama’s a terrorist just for living in the hood, but actual American killers of American unmarried girls, unborn fetuses, nurses and doctors are not terrorists. Go figure. Probably the same logic circuits she uses to say she hasn’t broken any laws in Alaska. That woman is one half-baked Alaskan.

Sarah Palin & John McCain – bullshit in, bushshit out.

John McConjob & Sarah Prostitute’s diplomacy plank – foto by smith

slave & masturbation

curtain – foto by smith

I’m tired of all the Sarah Prostitute / John McConjob lies, so here’s a poem I wrote 21 years ago during Ronald Rayguns presidency – he’s the guy who began America’s downfall. (Although any President who’d trade heroin for guns to kill American nuns can’t be all bad).

I don’t mean to single out Sarah Palin as the only political prostitute – pretty much all politicians are whores, she’s just the latest and most obvious practitioner of the craft.

Slave and Masturbation

An old plow hand, I play acoustic
foreskin, hairy palms, white cane
puberty, the fish and the fingers.
Old acids etch anew my brain.
The old wants? They still imply
unoffered breasts, often rejected.

Original sin is condition given
so the knee bores say.
Yet dark ripples still unstill light.
Small deaths linger lightly on sheets
no longer washed nor nightly scented
with reason wrinkled, or raw.

– Steven B. Smith, 1987

around the corner – foto by smith


sick – foto by smith

Lady says, “I feel useless today. Dull. Untalented.”

I tell her, “Down days are inevitable. You’ve been abnormally productive lately. Body and mind need down time to recharge. You just got to learn how to vegetate and rot without feeling guilt.”

I know how to vegetate without guilt – enter contests. I sent 3 travel haiku to the Cleveland Ohio Plain Dealer haiku contest.

~ ~ ~

Marrakech at dusk
Purple petals on the ground
Red flower falling

~ ~ ~

West African coast
Low tide, shadows, sea bottom
Tracks from brine to blues

~ ~ ~

Bus drives through mist. I
look down on the cloud white cold.
Shiver in my me.

~ ~ ~

I wanted to include this one, but figured my chances of winning were slim enough as is.

Bus stops on mountain.
Perched on rock, I stare out there.
Unzip. Piss in air.

whichwayspray – foto by smith

acid snow

tiretriangle – foto by smith


Such cunning these beasts.
By pruning heaven
they’ve stilled the old wild yeasts.
Yet in breeding unleavened
seed such sheetings of grief
shat out uneven
o’er poor human paste
that all dogs believing
rise lonely and weak.

These acids know weakness.
No mercy for grief
or inherent meekness
unheeded beneath
these semen stained sheets.
Keeps meat on its knees
and power unaided.
Or tree on the leaf
and tragic the shaman.

– Steven B. Smith, 1994

2treetop – foto by smith

bad day at black rock

Oaxaca bridge abutment – foto by smith

Reality bit me first thing this morning. I was carrying in a new 40 pound 5 gallon bottle of water when the outer metal decorative door slashed at me and poked its metal prong handle through my long sleeved good gray shirt. No way to fix it neatly, so I went the other way – used bright red thread and crudely sewed the dark gray rip so it looks like a badly executed not yet healed Frankenstein scar with gray flesh puckered around it. Take lemons, make scar tissue. I wear my scars openly.

Going to be a bad morning anyway. Lady’s getting some blood work done for the doctor and she can’t have any food or COFFEE until we walk 30 minutes north and have her blood and urine taken. I finally found where the EGO lies. One of her tests is for her urine and it is titled EGO. So EGO is in a piss test. Seems fitting somehow.

Be an even worse day when you toss in Lady decided yesterday to stop her medicine. Doctor told her she could quit when she wanted to, but to expect 3-4 days of anxiety while she makes the transition. She slept badly last night, had nightmares, nausea, and anxiety. Going to be a long 4 days for her. And us.

Oaxaca street art – foto by smith

the flat earth whore of babylon

the republican ticket – foto by smith

Voted for my first time in my 62 year life a couple weeks ago. Now I’m voting again. Double dipping. As they say, vote early and vote often. We wrote in Obama’s name on our original forms we mailed in, but they sent us an actual ballot so we voted again.

Maybe my two votes will help counterbalance the idiocy of the Ohio county I’m voting in – Lake County. It consists of creationist conservative republicans who worship the Sarah Palin whore of flat-earth Babylon that brain-dead McCain keeps pimping.

That woman’s mouth is so slick with lies I’m surprised her nose ain’t five miles long by now. We need to insert Pinocchio DNA into all politicians so their noses will grow when they lie. Most of Congress’s noses would be so long by now they could sniff their lies in Alaska while lying through their speeches in Washington DC.

Read the latest Sarah Palin news? She’s been caught lying on her expense account – seems she’s been charging Alaska to fly her three daughters around with her to various political events – overspent tens of thousands of dollars so far.

Not only did she illegally have the state of Alaska pay for her daughters travel, food and lodging, but after she was caught, she went back and altered her original expense reports to specify that the daughters were on official business. She insists her daughters are covered because they were invited to the events, while the event organizers say they were shocked to see the daughters show up.

If “Liar Liar Pants On Fire” were true, Sarah Palin would have one hot crotch.

And the RNC is tarting up their attack whore. . .

“The Republican Party has spent $150,000 in upmarket designer stores on dressing Sarah Palin for the part of vice-president.

“Over the month of September, more than $75,000 was spent in a single shopping spree at Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis, and $50,000 in forays into Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and St Louis, on a procession of neat little waisted jackets, pencil skirts, killer boots and patent heels that have enabled Ms Palin to appear in at least one, and sometimes two or three, new outfits a day.

“The party also spent nearly $5,000 on hair and makeup.

“Another $5,000 was spent at Atelier, a classy men’s boutique, suggesting that Ms Palin’s husband Todd, jocularly known in Alaska as the First Dude, may also have come in for some sprucing up.”


Wow, how can you spend $150,000 on clothes and still come up looking so tacky and cheap?

Sarah Palin is something else – she’s as honest as Vice-Dick Cheney, as sensitive as Vice-Dick Cheney, as trustworthy as Vice-Dick Cheney. For her friend’s sake, I hope she’s a better shot than Vice-Dick Cheney.

liar – original foto before manipulation: (REUTERS/Jim Bourg)