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bad day at black rock

Oaxaca bridge abutment – foto by smith

Reality bit me first thing this morning. I was carrying in a new 40 pound 5 gallon bottle of water when the outer metal decorative door slashed at me and poked its metal prong handle through my long sleeved good gray shirt. No way to fix it neatly, so I went the other way – used bright red thread and crudely sewed the dark gray rip so it looks like a badly executed not yet healed Frankenstein scar with gray flesh puckered around it. Take lemons, make scar tissue. I wear my scars openly.

Going to be a bad morning anyway. Lady’s getting some blood work done for the doctor and she can’t have any food or COFFEE until we walk 30 minutes north and have her blood and urine taken. I finally found where the EGO lies. One of her tests is for her urine and it is titled EGO. So EGO is in a piss test. Seems fitting somehow.

Be an even worse day when you toss in Lady decided yesterday to stop her medicine. Doctor told her she could quit when she wanted to, but to expect 3-4 days of anxiety while she makes the transition. She slept badly last night, had nightmares, nausea, and anxiety. Going to be a long 4 days for her. And us.

Oaxaca street art – foto by smith

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  1. MadM says:

    Great foto top…am wishing you both best for the next few (and always).

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