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flux flow foulness

doodle by Lady K – collage & foto by smith

I wrote a nasty blog yesterday about a nasty man named John McCain that caused some nasty comments to be left. Nasty man, nasty blog, nasty comments. Makes sense. I feel a bit bad about being nasty, sending unpleasant ripples out into reality, but the Republican mud slinging drives me up a wall. They say the most outrageous mean-spirited lies that appeal to bigots, the ignorant, and the fear mongers. Makes me want to shout Wake up America, read what the rest of the world has to say.

One of my problems is the facts are out there, not all that difficult to find and check out. They’re just not in mainstream American newspapers or on American TV because those sources are owned by the very folk who are fluxing us over. One can easily access the internet and see what the rest of the world is saying about American crimes against humanity, but most folk don’t have time. Others lack the inclination. A few fear finding fact because it disturbs their world belief.

Since December 2005, Lady and I have been our own boss 24/7/365. It leaves a lot of time to read and research. The more we read, the worse the world situation seems. The worse it seems, the deeper we read. The more we learn, the more appalled we become. I can’t believe what’s being done, and said, and not said. We’ve lived in 10 countries in the past 27 months, and it’s quite an eye-opener to see how much the normal citizens of the rest of the world despise America – not Americans, just America. We have become the world’s rapacious evil monster destroying all about us.

I believe it’s going to be bad after the election when Obama wins. I know if McCain got in I’d be furious. Well, all the bigots, skinheads, rednecks, fundamentally wrong Christian rightests, flat earthers, and the rich are going to be just as furious having Obama as president, especially with a filibuster-proof congress. The blinder wearers are going to attack every move he makes. It’s going to be flat out cultural warfare. My fury would be intellectual, their fury will be physical.

I don’t understand how come my people – the educated, the sensitive, the compassionate, the liberal, the fair – are willing to live and let live while the neo-cons, the republicans, and the religious wrong all insist on running my life as well as their own. My people observe the separation of Church and State while the overtly religious and the cruelly conservative always try to overrun State with Church. I say live and let live while they say do it their way or hit the highway. Personally I’m tired of being told how to live by the woefully ignorant and the spiritually misguided. I’ve never seen such immoral behavior as I have from the Christians who wouldn’t recognize Jesus Christ if He walked in the door.

I bet the bigots, the skinheads, the corporate CEOs, the rednecks, the fundamentally wrong religious rightests, the rich, and the flat earthers spend the next 8 years plotting to assassinate Obama. They’ve already started – two skinheads have already been arrested:

This is all getting too nasty, too complicated. I’m more into simple things. Yesterday I trimmed my toenails and my finger nails. it’s almost never I do them both at the same time, so they’re always mismatched in growth and need. It’s cool to have an even start, to be balanced. Too bad the mad mob backing Sarah Palin and John McCain can’t be balanced, can’t be educated, can’t be reasoned with intelligently. That group of folk goes back in a straight line to the Salem witch hunters, the Spanish Inquisition, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Kim Jong-il, Mao Tse-Tung, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

I’m glad Lady and I left America 27 months ago, although actually America started leaving me the day Ronald Reagan became president. Eight years of Reagan, four years of Bush 1, eight years of the Republican wolf in Democratic clothing called Bill Clinton, and the last eight years of the crimes against humanity known as the Cheney-Bush Beast have left a scum on the America I was taught in school to revere.

I’m hoping Obama’s presidency can clean the tub.

Think tomorrow I’ll blog some gentle fotos of children and hope just to get this bad taste out of my mouth.

But regardless, John McCain and Sarah Palin are hate-mongers, and each and every lie they spread must be exposed and killed by the light of truth.

hope – foto by smith

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