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slave & masturbation

curtain – foto by smith

I’m tired of all the Sarah Prostitute / John McConjob lies, so here’s a poem I wrote 21 years ago during Ronald Rayguns presidency – he’s the guy who began America’s downfall. (Although any President who’d trade heroin for guns to kill American nuns can’t be all bad).

I don’t mean to single out Sarah Palin as the only political prostitute – pretty much all politicians are whores, she’s just the latest and most obvious practitioner of the craft.

Slave and Masturbation

An old plow hand, I play acoustic
foreskin, hairy palms, white cane
puberty, the fish and the fingers.
Old acids etch anew my brain.
The old wants? They still imply
unoffered breasts, often rejected.

Original sin is condition given
so the knee bores say.
Yet dark ripples still unstill light.
Small deaths linger lightly on sheets
no longer washed nor nightly scented
with reason wrinkled, or raw.

– Steven B. Smith, 1987

around the corner – foto by smith

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