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the 3 flames

fire 3 – foto by smith

Watching three candles burn unevenly in Lady’s art altar, I was reminded of this fairy tale I never heard as a child.

The 3 Flames

Three little flames were applying for fire, and were discussing their burn philosophies with the hiring candle.

First flame cried, “Burn bright! Be light! Delight! Go fast! Be past!”

Second flame moaned, “Burn low… go slow… be glow… hunker down… stick around.”

The third just laughed. “No, no, no, that’s all so pre-so. Be now. Take a bow. Dance with wind. Glance within. Burn high. Burn low. Reggae. Calypso. Limbic mojo. Clue the fire down below. Let’s get this show in the flow. Go row rainbow.”

Guess who got the job?

3 – foto by smith
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