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weirdsville – foto by smith

Weirdsville last night tumbling through stillness and cold sweat going places I’ve not gone before and would prefer to not ever visit again.

Was sitting reading last night when the book page started swirling counterclockwise. Looked up and the whole room was rotating like I’d drunk too much, yet it’s been 17 years since I had a drink. Lay down to recover. Got worse. Started feeling nauseous. Got up to splash cold water over my head because I was beginning to get scared. I had no balance so had to use the walls to get to and from the bathroom. Lurched from wall to wall as if intoxicated. My arms were tingling and my head light and rising like I’d shot too much speed. Nausea got worse. I called to Lady who brought me a bucket which I tried to fill with all my me. When I emptied my body, the retching wouldn’t stop and I tried violently to force out the rest of me. Looked like I was vomiting blood, but peered closer and saw it was Monastery lentil soup and chocolate cookies mixed with strawberry yogurt. Cold sweat and chills with a temperature a couple of degrees below normal. At this time we both independently decided it was food poisoning. I’ve had food poisoning a dozen times in my life – you could add them all together and they wouldn’t even come close to being this bad. Couldn’t move because my body was falling through space to the left. If I slightly moved left or right, the nausea multiplied exponentially. It was as if my body were a gyroscope, and if I deviated from its plane even slightly or slowly or gently I became much worse. Had to keep my eyes closed because the spinning room made me nauseous. Lay there in cold sweat, eyes closed, holding body and mind together with sheer will, making the occasional sardonic comment to Lady to reassure both of us. Couldn’t undress because couldn’t move, so lay there with a blanket over my cold wet chills. Fell asleep. Woke 3 hours later and made it to the bathroom by hugging the walls. Had to use the wall to hold myself upright on the toilet because my body wanted to fall to the left. Walked the walls back to bed. Woke this morning shaky, no nausea, 99% of my balance back. Got down a cup of coffee, will try a bowl of oatmeal. Feel chilled and weak and a bit chagrined – not used to having my body betray me. I’m indestructible Super-Smith, so what the flux is going on?

Think I’d rather be an energy being, except then I couldn’t hug Lady.

nausea – foto by smith

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