Month: November 2008

  • the 12 cereal grains plus marijuana, beer and concrete

    magic unmagic mushroom on my knee – foto by smith Okay, class – there will be a test. I like to look into the origins of things. For example, I’ve found three of the oldest, longest used items by folk are beer, marijuana, and concrete. Marijuana goes back at least to 6,000 B.C. in China. […]

  • just wanna be myself, be myself, be myself

    Heart rending – foto by smith My favorite instructions came with a futon made in Taiwan – they said, “Sometimes during assembly, it is best to be two people.” Sometimes in life too. I wonder how many people I am. According to Google – I are 365,000,000 Smiths      2,660,000 Steve Smiths         387,000 Steven Smiths            21,200 […]

  • night fragment

    Oaxacan graffiti – foto by smith The Mexican Government took over the Catholic churches, missions, and convents in 1833. They kept the convents, let the Catholics use the churches. The Government turned some of the convents into community culture centers, and their stone courtyards into community parks. Our church park down the street has a […]

  • moth moment

    o boy – foto by smith Moth flew inside the white paper Japanese lantern covering our ceiling light and thumped around within – loud thumps. I live and let live but couldn’t abide its repeated random erratic bumpings, so got the fly swatter. Wherever it landed within, I lightly thwacked its paper shadow until it […]

  • four seasons of fame

    four seasons of fame – foto by smith

  • dog blog

    Dog carnival ride – foto by smith I was walking the city sidewalk in the sun talking with Lady when a small dog sitting eye level in the window on the outside ledge starts barking directly in my ear scaring the cool cat right out of me. So I took it’s foto as it raged. […]

  • lines mine 6/2006-5/2007

    Shadow line – foto by smith These are a few unconnected lines I harvested from my first year of blogging (June 2006 – May 2007) for possible further use. They range from funky to foolish, silly to sublime. I got those old algorhythm & blues. There’s three mes in me: skin, brain, bone. And none […]

  • corp-o-rat

    Oaxaca anti-government graffiti – foto by smith Here are more lies from the 3-card monte pocket-picking Corporate world: “Many companies are using a sneaky way to raise prices without driving customers to less expensive brands: They are shrinking their packaging. A jar of Skippy peanut butter, for example, is the same height and circumference it […]

  • me, myself & lie

    strange dude – foto by smith I’m a cock-eyed optimist in a cynic’s shell, a psychopath with a conscience, a sociopath with feelings. My favorite non-existent song by a group that’s never been is “I’ve Got The Longest Short Term Memory Gap In Town” by Sleazy Weasel & the Towels of Unbelief. Is it safe […]

  • 1949, 1946, 1808, 1947

    Oaxacan street art graffiti – foto by smith I keep hearing myself unknowingly “making music” as I walk along – humming, mumbling, whistling, semi-singing. I say “semi-singing” because in the early 1950s in my little white wood two room country school house which had 30 kids in all eight grades, I was in the Christmas […]