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butterflies, obama, & tumbler

Abastos Market rain roof segment sunshine & shadow – foto by smith

I see a butterfly flying every day of the year down here, usually dozens. It’s tradition to make a wish on the first star we see at night, so I’m going to start wishing on the first butterfly I see each day. Create more magic. Do you believe in magic? – Obama and the Lovin’ Spoonful do.

~ ~ ~

Lady cut up a honeydew melon to snack. After I ate a piece, I gave her a melon juice kiss, looked into her eyes and said, “If you were a collie dog, and I kissed you with my wet melon lips, it would be a melon-collie kiss.” “Ha . . . ha . . . ha . . .” she said softly, slowly, drolly, dryly. She’s a tough audience.

~ ~ ~

The Secret Service has released their code-names for the Obama family: Barack is “Renegade,” Michelle “Renaissance,” Malia “Radiance,” and Sasha “Rosebud.” What delightfully positive poetic metaphors after 8 years of Bushshit.

Here’s Presidential code-names going back to 1950:

# Dwight D. Eisenhower – Scorecard
# John F. Kennedy – Lancer
# Lyndon B. Johnson – Volunteer
# Richard M. Nixon – Searchlight
# Gerald R. Ford, Jr. – Pass Key
# Jimmy E. Carter, Jr. – Lock Master
# Ronald W. Reagan – Rawhide
# George H. W. Bush – Timberwolf
# Bill J. Clinton – Eagle
# George W. Bush – Tumbler

Wonder if “Tumbler” refers to Bush’s drinking problem, or what he’s done to the country?

Eisenhower earned “Scorecard” because he certainly tried to tell us the score when he laid the Military-Industrial Complex on us.

Lancer” is a great metaphor for JFK because he poked every female he could inside the White House and out. Plus he was going to lance the boil that became the Vietnam War, but they shot him instead, so the Lancer was lanced.

Probably called Nixon “Searchlight” because a powerful one was needed whenever searching for any truth in the man.

Reagan was but a faux cowboy and didn’t deserve “Rawhide” – I think “Braindead” the more fitting sobriquet. I’d pick “Weasel” for Clinton and “Thief” and “Liar” for both Bushes. Truth in advertising as it were.

Lancer / JFK – collage & foto by smith

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