Oaxaca anti-government graffiti – foto by smith

Here are more lies from the 3-card monte pocket-picking Corporate world:

“Many companies are using a sneaky way to raise prices without driving customers to less expensive brands: They are shrinking their packaging. A jar of Skippy peanut butter, for example, is the same height and circumference it has always been, but now has a hidden, inward “dimple” on the bottom that decreases the amount the jar holds by two ounces. Boxes of breakfast cereal appear to be the same height and width they’ve always been, but manufacturers have reduced the boxes’ depth from front to back, decreasing the amount of cereal they hold. Rolls of Scott toilet tissue contain the same number of sheets as always (1,000), but the length of each sheet has been cut from 4 to 3.7 inches. A “six ounce” can of Starkist Tuna now holds just five ounces.”

– excerpt from “Sneaky manufacturers shrink packaging, while keeping prices the same” – – November 17, 2008

Corp-o-Rat world – foto by smith

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