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head loads

man walking with head basket – foto by smith

Sitting in an ancient stone church courtyard park on a bench in the dusk, an old indigenous woman in a white shawl walks slowly by, bent over. Silence. A leaf falls. Silence. A second leaf falls. I feel good.

Walking back I pick up a small brown & cream comic book lying in the street – The Book Sentimental Presents: RAIN OF BENIDICTION. It’s 87 pages of a spiritually oriented family story about prayers and miracles, followed by 4 pages of recipes, 4 pages of lonely heart personal ads, a 1 page ad for romance novels, and a full-color back cover ad of loose ladies to call who must be in a very warm place because they’re not wearing very much. Family to God to recipes to personal relationship ads to bodice ripper novels to phone sex – interesting progression.

I’m trying to find amusing or uplifting vignettes because as writers, it is Lady’s & my job to come up with clever ruses to give folk hope because without hope, bleak is bleaker. With hope, people are happier, thinking is happier, and maybe happier happen. Maybe mass-mind-creates-reality, so we need to get more people visualizing a better world. The whole power of positive thinking thing. And it does work. If you look at things with a happier eye, you’re going to find more good and fun in life than if you look at everything with a bleak eye.

It works also because we’ve moved from the Einsteiniam Epoch to Heisenbergian Reality. In Heisenberg’s Quantum Universe, everything is true at the same time – all states exist until you ask reality to collapse into just one state to answer your question. You see what you expect, you get what you ask for – so if you expect unhappy you get unhappy, while if you expect good and fair and hopeful, that’s what you experience. It’s up to you. It’s up to all of us. This is our world, we created it. And we all need to do a better job of making it better.

local Oaxacan graffiti art – foto by smith

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  1. salinger says:

    I’ve got a whole set of photos dedicated to people carryin stuff on their heads in Indonesia. I also saw head bearers in Cairo.

    I guess these folks have a lot ont heir minds.

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