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I can knot reveal my sources

Talking head – foto by smith

Some folks wonder where I get my data. Being our own boss 24/7/365, we have a lot of time to read and research online. Here are some of my online sources – most daily, couple weekly, some monthly:

The Guardian –
The Huffington Post –
Salon –
Alternet –
Slate Magazine –
PR Watch –
The Narco News Bulletin –
Common Dreams –
The Progressive –
The Atlantic –
The Nation –
The New York Review of Books –
The New Yorker –
Democracy Now –
Project Censored –

For art news of the avant-garde
Ubu Web –

Film data
The Internet Movie Data Base –

To prove/disprove/research urban legends, rumor, internet fact
Snopes –

If I’m feeling down, I go to Fox News because they always make me laugh.

the future – foto by smith

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