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just wanna be myself, be myself, be myself

Heart rending – foto by smith

My favorite instructions came with a futon made in Taiwan – they said, “Sometimes during assembly, it is best to be two people.”

Sometimes in life too. I wonder how many people I am. According to Google – I are

365,000,000 Smiths
     2,660,000 Steve Smiths
        387,000 Steven Smiths
           21,200 Steven B. Smiths

That’s way too many mes. Sometimes it is not best to be 21,200 people.

we, me, myself & I – foto by smith
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2 Responses to “just wanna be myself, be myself, be myself”

  1. MadM says:

    The top image looks s bit like Nevadomi might have visited Oaxaca.

  2. junior villagomez says:

    hello my name is junior villagomez an.i was browising.through some pictures an i saw one that caught my attention the one that said “RENOVACION” thats also the name of my band that we just started…its based first by god almighty who gave us four teenager the ability an skills music.for his glory and to be able to reach many more ppl through his music an i was wondering i was able to use this logo for our group with ur permission…..u can go ahead an let me knw by email or u can contact me at 6238248006 thanks for reading.this an god bless u!

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