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lines mine 6/2006-5/2007

Shadow line – foto by smith

These are a few unconnected lines I harvested from my first year of blogging (June 2006 – May 2007) for possible further use. They range from funky to foolish, silly to sublime.

I got those old algorhythm & blues.

There’s three mes in me: skin, brain, bone. And none of them will leave me alone.

Fooled by the son, startled by the stretch, lulled by the lies in this lullaby of why.

The was what is.

Everything comes to a head – little head, big head, dead head, wet head.

Rat shack, me shank, around the bend I go.

The land of the spree, the home of the grave.

Ying yang orangutan give a god a bone.

Women wear falsies; men wear false he’s.

There are cobwebs in the closet
No closure in the hole
Past sins must first be offset
Before we save our soul

Keep on shadow dancing before the darkens arc.

Bees buzz, we nuzz, times fuzz.

The doing is the essence, the done but distant dream.

Alter ego – foto by smith
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