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moth moment

o boy – foto by smith

Moth flew inside the white paper Japanese lantern covering our ceiling light and thumped around within – loud thumps. I live and let live but couldn’t abide its repeated random erratic bumpings, so got the fly swatter. Wherever it landed within, I lightly thwacked its paper shadow until it flew out and crawled up the outside. I look into its beady eyes and realize I’m not going to kill it. I put the swatter up to it, it climbs on, and I start for the open window to release it, but it flies off and hides in silence. I return to work. Ten minutes later, moth’s back inside the paper lantern thumping away, so I get the swatter and really start whacking its shadow whenever it lands. It gets real confused with my heavy thunkings and dives out the bottom straight at my face and lands on my left shoulder. I look down and it’s looking up at me. I walk over to the open window and shake it off into the dark. It lands on the sill, turns around, raises its antennae to me and starts climbing back in. I blow it away into the night with my big bad wolf breath and close the window. I know it’s out there lurking, plotting, waiting for round three. I hope it stays away. It’s too big to squish – leave too much goop.

a big picture – foto by smith
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