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I’m seriously sick about humankind’s prospects for the near future. Short term thinking has been our downfall, yet it’s kind of a comfort as well, Buddhist zen stuff about being here now seems escapism from responsibility for fate, but if there is no future, it’s important to appreciate what’s left now. Materialism still so pervasive yet we’re in dire straights. I think we take comfort in materialism; it’s a form of denial to eat individually plastic wrapped slices of cheese or single serving plastic yogurt cups.


The only constant is change,
and it will come regardless.

Rid yourself of worry,
which is really attachment
to the future.

Too much worry is like to
let your house foreclose now.
Heck, maybe there are still years
left in your particular pyramid!
Don’t get mired in its end too quickly.
The temporary is still here,
might as well enjoy it.

Be here now
rather than worry about
mass fish deaths
ever more statistics tangibly
eroding your personal demographic
the methane bubbling up from melting permafrost
(which is not yet factored into global warming equations).

Tipping point opt-out plans are offered by tall bridges
for the squeamishless.

Retirement plan depends on what kind of bright light
you believe exists at the end of your tunnel
and whether or not you were right about
a personalized universe.

For those who stay,
we offer tent cities
food stamps
undersides of bridges
and shanty towns.

This is why I enjoy my warm bed
long hot showers
clean sheets
plastic-wrapped products
and the fast food hamburgers of Now,
because there is
none of this in the future.

But we still got a couple years.


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