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Archive for January, 2009

down the mountain to the sea

Friday, January 30th, 2009

see what i can see – foto by smith

Going down the mountain to see the sea and jungle. Maybe coverse with a parrot, get my fortune told by a swamp toad.

new future in me, new me in future.

dark knight of the soul – foto by smith


deflective equipments

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

40 pounds of bottled drinkable water – foto by smith

Looking at a foto of John Updike’s white bushy eyebrows and white head of hair I told Lady I wish I had his eyebrows and hair. If I had pure white hair, I’d look like a real poet – yup, if I had his hair and had my hanging left testicle removed, I’d be in business, could write a poem anytime. He’s dead now and doesn’t need them, so maybe I can dig him up and arrange a transplant.

But then if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Besides there are other concerns going wrong or vague or different or not at all.

One of my two main instruments of art outside my talent, my eye and my luck is my Casio digital camera, and it is acting up. Sometimes won’t take a foto unless you press the shoot button down for 2-3 minutes steady. Other times it won’t focus, and its lost its super-macro up-close focus ability which limits a lot of my shots because like Star Trek, I shoot were normal humans never go. These cameras seem to last about 2 years for me and then go fug-bucky. Perhaps because I carry them around in my front jeans pocket and they absorb dirt and dust in their little sensitive crevices.

My second major art device is my laptop upon which I write, process, upload, download, research, and kill inordinate amounts of boring time. Its power cord has cracked and without warning will switch to battery – and believe me, on a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop you do not even want to be on battery power – the two hour battery lasts less than 40 minutes and it overheats the computer as well, burning your lap and suddenly shutting down the laptop. In my book, Dell = garbage = rip-off = bad product. Right now I’ve got the power cord falling down against the break so the wires mostly touch, and as long as I leave my laptop on a chair, never move or jostle it, and sit before it as an uncomfortable supplicant to its insensitive godhood, we have a working relationship.

My third art implement is my body, which seems to be pain central.

My fourth is my mind, and it appears to be fine, as long as you don’t listen to what my friends and acquaintances have to say about it.

Anyway, I may be disappearing from the web without warning if my power goes. Ordered a new power cord 2 weeks ago but delivery through E-Bay and mail in Mexico are both nebulous entities.

So if I go, I go. Don’t worry, you’re not off the hook because even if I go, I’ll be back.

And all this equipment uncertainty is minor compared to the Quantum Indeterminedness of our leaving this sunny paradise called Mexico after 15 months to move back to Cleveland in 5 weeks. From sun to gloom, color to gray, hot to cold, poor to poor. After living outside the USA for 3 years, Lady and I have become different people, better people, and the US has become a much worse country, so who knows but The Shadow what the F will be.

Seize you on the downsize. This has been Smith reporting once again from the tarnished silvered underside backside the mirror.

tile poem by Lady & Smith – foto by smith


long night of the web-toed

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

the 2 of us – foto by smith

Went to bed at 11. Woke in the dark and listened to my various body pains and looked toward the hallucinogenic white time light fuzzed by my bad vision – it looks like a monster or demon or bottle until I squeeze my eyes just right and see it is 1:11. Get up, relieve myself, toke, go back to bed.

Wake up, see 3:33 shimmering at me. Get up, toke, go to bed.

Wake up, see 4:44. Don’t get up, don’t toke, don’t sleep. Wait for 5:55. Don’t sleep. Wonder what will happen when I see 6:66. See 7:00 instead.

Now it’s morning and I hurt and ache and yawn and wonder why the why. I feel broken, flash on my poem:

Damaged Good

The doubting vessel
Strong, unbroken
Sours water, ruins wine

The damaged vessel
Holds its token
Service, beauty, duty, time

The one excuses
The other uses
Which in fact the finer find

The better bitter
The lesser greater
Truth is action, action prime

Here are some dawn words my woman wrote our 1st Xmas together…


Your heart-battered love,
your battering heart,
slow volcano sputters
I live, I love
I live, I love–

After 20 years of quiet nights,
dark nights, just you &
your laughing art–
your shelves accumulating dust,

and now this woman come to
lie down under your dawn,
your dust, this Christmas
morning is with this woman

your fingers wet
her swollen vulva, your
abrasive chin on her
warm freckled skin

your shaved head,
shadowed eye sockets

form of man

       Lady 12.25.2005

couple – foto by smith


“help, i’m a rock”

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

across the street from our roof looking north – foto by smith

A wise woman once wrote:

My Rock

Most people think of a rock as
something stationary on the ground.

There is a rock in me
that makes me go.

I was bewildered
by the mystery of my ambition.

That’s when I found this rock.

This rock won’t break up,
and it doesn’t respond
to my questions.

This rock just says
“I am a rock”
and it makes me go.

        – Lady

ghost walker – foto by smith


gal girl woman

Monday, January 26th, 2009

pole gal – foto by smith

sidewalk girl – foto by smith

window woman – foto by smith


fire mountain

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

mountain posts – foto by smith

They are burning the lower slope of the closest mountain, ridding it of brush and undergrowth. Watching from the roof, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that in politics too, burn away all the crimes and excrement of the Bush years and use his waste as fertilizer to grow a more moral nation. I think that’s just what Obama is doing.

We bought a small heater because it’s so bloody cold here in the morning (it drops down to the mid-40s, which isn’t all that cold, but that’s a 40 degree drop from the daytime, so it is cold in Einsteinium Relativity), and our electric bill went from $7 a month to $31 a month. Told Lady it was a money cruncher, and she replied “I thought it was a space heater, not a Peso eater.”

Of course in Cleveland, this $31 of electricity would cost us $200-$300.

clinging vine – foto by smith


positively poetic

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

poetry in motion – foto by smith

In 2004-2006, I mined my log files for poetic search phrases strangers used to get to my site. For 28 months I posted the most interesting in a found poem. Here’s a selection:

Selected Positively Poetic

poems – inside this penis is a lost soul
poems: Do fish pee?
poetetic poems
chocolate nipples poems
poems for a dead baby
poems to say to departing accountant
contemporary verse with frigidity
poems from a schizoid
poems about you make me horny
belly of the beast poem
excretion poem
can i some pomes about death
puddles poetry modern
modern poetry of hurt
poetry ocean floating modern irish
baby drool poem
sex slave poems
dog food poetry
contemporary plethora poems
poem water walkers
poem about loving another man’s wife
Contemporary poems about race mixing
Class Warfare poetry
giggle wiggle poetry
poem water drop
contemporary soup poems
cannibal poetry
pomes after death
corrosion poems
damaged soul poems
never forget your lies poems
poem dark as the night
government mule poem
(cool cat) (daddy-o) poets
POems for friends that are assholes
poem to a diseased uncle
love poems+jerk+ugly
flesh machine poetry
sad poems about our aunts being in jail
why is contemporary poetry so bad
bimbos poems
camel fleas itch screw poem
poems of foreskin fever
poets without panties
i feel dirty and disgusting poem
cat poem crepuscular
poet activist bares breasts
how to survive a poetry reading
naked nude poem
poems about people playing in their nose
cop love poems adulterer
why modern poetry is rubbish
free small poems on fire and moses
funny bunny poetry
poem dog cold naked woof
i hate life pomes that you can read
modern poets that don’t suck
continuous metaphoric elephant poems
acoustic poem swimming
2 minute poem by an american poet
6 room poems
poem nun criminal mind tweedy
flicking finger as a concrete poem
fart aroma of love poem
poems about urinals
sexual orgasmic poems
zen broom poetry
poetry that doesnt suck
poem dog gurgle
Modern Happy poems about death
poem dog doggedly
swarming violence poems
airplane poetry that’s small
cough music poetry
poems about crystal dishes
poem of an evil shadow
Ex. Poetry
Poems feet Jesus Judas
contemporary poems: sin and guilt
contemporary poems: against sin and guilt
a modern poem that follows no certain path
depressing poems of /razor blades
fish solitary selfish poem
funny poems about herpes
poetry abstinence
unheard poets
modern unknown poet
poetry when iron burnt oxygen
broom poems to sweep away bad energy
SMall penis poems
sicko poems
poetry by artists with the first name of Don
Adult Breast Poetry
slut poems
poems of crocodile stew
fire amphetamine poetry
Marijuana poetry
lsd poems
poems of masturbation and desire
sister girlfriend poems
contemporary hate poetry
poems relate to not one less film
poems on people that cut there selfs
poems about frogs and goats
modern poetry explained
how to hide scars and poetry
The Meat of Salvation poetry

the entire poem is available at,

if you have writer’s block, here are thousands of poem ideas. Dip in. It doesn’t get much better or more odd than this.

poetry silenced – foto by smith


unsavory searches

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

time – foto by smith

In 2004-2006, I mined my log files for odd, perverted and poetic search phrases strangers used to get to my site. For 28 months I posted the most interesting and odd in two found poems. Here’s a selection of the odd:

Selected UnSavory Searches

naked policemen having fun in the backseat
undeveloped vulva dog
hustler missing toes
dancing naked in the mind field light bulb
dog sniff lips
whipped horses dripping mud
glass penises in vase art
pics of old ladys missing teeth
dwarf rat born without eyes
giraffes ride my new skateboard
foreskin leash
naked woman being eaten by a snake
serial daylite
armless female
naked mind golum
photos of nude women holding a big sunflower
how does a reptile polish his shoes?
testicles crushed by high heels
Women with big breasts minus nudity and pornography
people in giant sandwiches being eaten by dragons
old man testicle photos
absence of your presence clear like a fish wire around heart
Persian men want woman juice sex
asian albinos
budapest horse yellow statue testicles
what is wrong when you have green sperm
i looked up at the sky and it bled white butterflies
+stealing +laundromat +panties
high heels crushing insects
fish frozen alive back to life
can dog testicles grow back
cigarette + toad + explode
bee sting belly bum bottom
buddha lie fallen fear return
weasel of lost wool

the entire poem is available at, but be forewarned – there’s a lot of sick, twisted, mean people out there searching for some pretty strange things, so you might need to take a shower after looking.

death – foto by smith


the virgin, the sex doll, and the idiot

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

street dog – foto by smith

What a weird wide wonderful world web we weave. Here are 10 online mainline news headlines which caught my mind.

Dog Robs Utah Store

Elderly Shoplifters Go On Spree In Japan

US Anti-Kidnapping Expert Kidnapped In Mexico

Man Shot Because Family Talked During Movie

Egyptian Teacher Murders Student Whose Homework Was Late

Student Auctions Off Virginity For Offers Of Up To $3.7 Million

Baby Girl Born Two Days After Her Mother Died

Blow-up doll sex suspect arrested in Australia

UPS Delivers 30-Pound Marijuana Brick To Wrong Address

The Cheerful Idiot Exits The White House, Smiling

fotografik proof of hole in my head
“look ma, no brain”
foto by smith


eye candy: red shadow lines 4 faces

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

red shadow – foto by smith

lines – foto by smith

4 faces – foto by smith


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