40 pounds of bottled drinkable water – foto by smith

Looking at a foto of John Updike’s white bushy eyebrows and white head of hair I told Lady I wish I had his eyebrows and hair. If I had pure white hair, I’d look like a real poet – yup, if I had his hair and had my hanging left testicle removed, I’d be in business, could write a poem anytime. He’s dead now and doesn’t need them, so maybe I can dig him up and arrange a transplant.

But then if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Besides there are other concerns going wrong or vague or different or not at all.

One of my two main instruments of art outside my talent, my eye and my luck is my Casio digital camera, and it is acting up. Sometimes won’t take a foto unless you press the shoot button down for 2-3 minutes steady. Other times it won’t focus, and its lost its super-macro up-close focus ability which limits a lot of my shots because like Star Trek, I shoot were normal humans never go. These cameras seem to last about 2 years for me and then go fug-bucky. Perhaps because I carry them around in my front jeans pocket and they absorb dirt and dust in their little sensitive crevices.

My second major art device is my laptop upon which I write, process, upload, download, research, and kill inordinate amounts of boring time. Its power cord has cracked and without warning will switch to battery – and believe me, on a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop you do not even want to be on battery power – the two hour battery lasts less than 40 minutes and it overheats the computer as well, burning your lap and suddenly shutting down the laptop. In my book, Dell = garbage = rip-off = bad product. Right now I’ve got the power cord falling down against the break so the wires mostly touch, and as long as I leave my laptop on a chair, never move or jostle it, and sit before it as an uncomfortable supplicant to its insensitive godhood, we have a working relationship.

My third art implement is my body, which seems to be pain central.

My fourth is my mind, and it appears to be fine, as long as you don’t listen to what my friends and acquaintances have to say about it.

Anyway, I may be disappearing from the web without warning if my power goes. Ordered a new power cord 2 weeks ago but delivery through E-Bay and mail in Mexico are both nebulous entities.

So if I go, I go. Don’t worry, you’re not off the hook because even if I go, I’ll be back.

And all this equipment uncertainty is minor compared to the Quantum Indeterminedness of our leaving this sunny paradise called Mexico after 15 months to move back to Cleveland in 5 weeks. From sun to gloom, color to gray, hot to cold, poor to poor. After living outside the USA for 3 years, Lady and I have become different people, better people, and the US has become a much worse country, so who knows but The Shadow what the F will be.

Seize you on the downsize. This has been Smith reporting once again from the tarnished silvered underside backside the mirror.

tile poem by Lady & Smith – foto by smith

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  1. I second your opinion about Dell. Several years ago I had an Inspiron 3500 laptop and swore I’d never buy Dell again. Right now I’m typing this using a Toshiba Satellite — which is fine — but my next computer will likely be an Acer. When my stepdaughter was here in early Jan I took her down to Best Buy so she could buy an Acer laptop for under $400. She & I worked with it for the last week of her visit and I found it to be a super machine. In fact, I offered to trade her for it (she wisely declined) Hope your Dell holds out until Cleveland, as otherwise we’ll miss your daily ruminations.


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