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They are burning the lower slope of the closest mountain, ridding it of brush and undergrowth. Watching from the roof, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that in politics too, burn away all the crimes and excrement of the Bush years and use his waste as fertilizer to grow a more moral nation. I think that’s just what Obama is doing.

We bought a small heater because it’s so bloody cold here in the morning (it drops down to the mid-40s, which isn’t all that cold, but that’s a 40 degree drop from the daytime, so it is cold in Einsteinium Relativity), and our electric bill went from $7 a month to $31 a month. Told Lady it was a money cruncher, and she replied “I thought it was a space heater, not a Peso eater.”

Of course in Cleveland, this $31 of electricity would cost us $200-$300.

clinging vine – foto by smith

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