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the virgin, the sex doll, and the idiot

street dog – foto by smith

What a weird wide wonderful world web we weave. Here are 10 online mainline news headlines which caught my mind.

Dog Robs Utah Store

Elderly Shoplifters Go On Spree In Japan

US Anti-Kidnapping Expert Kidnapped In Mexico

Man Shot Because Family Talked During Movie

Egyptian Teacher Murders Student Whose Homework Was Late

Student Auctions Off Virginity For Offers Of Up To $3.7 Million

Baby Girl Born Two Days After Her Mother Died

Blow-up doll sex suspect arrested in Australia

UPS Delivers 30-Pound Marijuana Brick To Wrong Address

The Cheerful Idiot Exits The White House, Smiling

fotografik proof of hole in my head
“look ma, no brain”
foto by smith

2 Responses to “the virgin, the sex doll, and the idiot”

  1. jb says:

    The elderly are so much more active than they used to be. Amazing!

  2. MadM says:

    I wanted these all to be links!

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