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unsavory searches

time – foto by smith

In 2004-2006, I mined my log files for odd, perverted and poetic search phrases strangers used to get to my site. For 28 months I posted the most interesting and odd in two found poems. Here’s a selection of the odd:

Selected UnSavory Searches

naked policemen having fun in the backseat
undeveloped vulva dog
hustler missing toes
dancing naked in the mind field light bulb
dog sniff lips
whipped horses dripping mud
glass penises in vase art
pics of old ladys missing teeth
dwarf rat born without eyes
giraffes ride my new skateboard
foreskin leash
naked woman being eaten by a snake
serial daylite
armless female
naked mind golum
photos of nude women holding a big sunflower
how does a reptile polish his shoes?
testicles crushed by high heels
Women with big breasts minus nudity and pornography
people in giant sandwiches being eaten by dragons
old man testicle photos
absence of your presence clear like a fish wire around heart
Persian men want woman juice sex
asian albinos
budapest horse yellow statue testicles
what is wrong when you have green sperm
i looked up at the sky and it bled white butterflies
+stealing +laundromat +panties
high heels crushing insects
fish frozen alive back to life
can dog testicles grow back
cigarette + toad + explode
bee sting belly bum bottom
buddha lie fallen fear return
weasel of lost wool

the entire poem is available at, but be forewarned – there’s a lot of sick, twisted, mean people out there searching for some pretty strange things, so you might need to take a shower after looking.

death – foto by smith

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