Month: February 2009

  • rear view mirror

    Viva APPO – foto by smith Blue Christ – foto by smith Revolution now – foto by smith Masked Madonna – foto by smith Fascism – foto by smith Red flag – foto by smith Anarchy – foto by smith

  • STEPPING INTO THE NEXT DAY – from Oaxaca to Cleveland

    We’re packing up and getting rid of stuff, and the last couple days here seem like slow water going down a drain in a dirty sink. If I think too much about life again in Cleveland, I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know what it means. So I’m really not thinking about it too much. I don’t […]

  • fool moon fear

    stuff – foto by smith From 1990 through 2000, global warming greenhouse gases increased less than 1% each year. Since 2000 when the world began actively trying to reduce greenhouse emissions, they’ve increased 3.5% a year. We decide to get cleaner, get dirtier instead – around 400% worse. Way to go Earth. When I think […]

  • for those who died in b&w

    Mickey Mice – foto by smith Prey Has No Name We fish with human face such depths of want and need heart drums beat to pulse blood hope in womb warm wonder Lying lizard in the sun in spring full breadth of coiled light our brain bridged push mute witness for those who died in […]

  • the adventures of lady & smith

    balloonboy – foto by smith The adventures of Lady & Smith, soon to be no longer broadcast from foreign shores. Getting things picked up, packed, mailed, given away, tossed, cleansed for our fiftieth-some move since 2006. Our fridge and furniture have been traded for our final two weeks rent. Plants gone, art gone, books gone, […]

  • concrete TV

    Concrete TV – foto by smith “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” – Groucho Marx According to Nielsen, the average American watches 151 hours of TV a month, an increase of 3.6% from last year. That’s five hours a […]

  • duck-billed platitudes

    revolucion – foto by smith “You can fool some of the people some of the time – and that’s enough to make a decent living.” – W.C. Fields. Lines stolen from the first year of our blog: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Making love to the same woman day after day is deja […]


    WHEN HANDS WERE FEET AND ARMS WERE LEGS when I close my eyes I sort rarified contrails from fogs discern minnows in the shallows now you see it now you don’t magic eye patterns thought mandalas in my inner ear now that I have thoughts I am lucky or is it just chaff I can […]

  • leave it to beaver

    June Cleaver – foto by smith I’ll start this week leaning on my wife’s words – another dynamite poem from my Lady love. June I’m sure I’ve heard this poem before June, where were you when Ward came home? It is your time again. You were chopping delicately saying Yes, dear and your lips were […]

  • Formulating Future

    future flow – foto by smith Formulating Future My psychotropic trauma began before my Mama cloned in chromosome the she in me. Back before my Poppa anted up in oughta spared my need with better seed of he. Genes for seeking others genes for tricking brothers flow from seed to breed to heed or flee. […]