future flow – foto by smith

Formulating Future

My psychotropic trauma
began before my Mama
cloned in chromosome
the she in me.
Back before my Poppa
anted up in oughta
spared my need
with better seed of he.
Genes for seeking others
genes for tricking brothers
flow from seed to breed
to heed or flee.
Being nice or naughty
isn’t all about me
but a creed to be
properly unscrambled
programmed reassembled
leaving bleeding weed
on bead of thee.
To rise above my wiring
I try to tame desiring
by letting Eden be.
Original sin Ma may be
to our current crazy
more than lately hazy
leads from sea to troubled see.
So seize ya on the downsize
hope you see in upside
the making of our maybe
lies in we.

past perfect – foto by smith

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