Month: March 2009

  • found neon host

    Jeff Chiplis art exhibit postcard – foto by Smith Three major dark mood bummers have been lifted from my brow. 1) Our friend and Love-Shack-Out-Back proprietor Jeff Chiplis (the inventor of recycled neon art according to the The New York Times) tried to jump start our dead car but we found out the battery was […]

  • transition mission

    Cleveland picnic – foto by Smith This starting life anew in a new-old land while weather’s cold, wet, gray and I leave my car lights on and the battery goes dead is not what I’d recommend for fun and peace of mind. A friend had delivered some free furniture last night and as I got […]

  • mad science

    test rabbit, detail from smith collage – foto by Smith Traveling away from the nest, ants count the steps they take in each direction, then follow the same path back home by reversing direction and step count. We know this because scientists put little stilts on ants and they got lost because their stilt steps […]

  • do i want cheese with my whine?

    thru my windshield while driving – foto by Smith Not as many fotos up here for me, yet more for Lady (who has taken some nice ones). Here’s my shots from yesterday. our car / parking lot / new bought glass – foto by Smith fence outside our Love Shack Out Back – foto by […]

  • things said

    penis chicken – foto by Smith “Do you subscribe to the one-China or two-China theory,” I ask Lady. “What do you mean?” she replies. “Taiwan separated from China in 1949 when China went communist. Communist China claims Taiwan is still part of it, even though Taiwan says it isn’t,” I explain. “Taiwan is whatever Taiwanna […]

  • beat me mama 8 to the bar

    fever dreams – foto by Smith Weird sickness fallen over me. Temperature of 99.9 degrees. My muscles are screaming in pain. My nose is sniffly, and I have a sarcophagistic cough. It’s as if I have a mild cold and part of a case of serious flu – I say part because there’s no nausea […]

  • separation of

    church – foto by Smith state – foto by Smith


    a decision to be slow, and flow–hurry is broken and flapping, saying hi and bye in passing and when it comes, it comes & if it goes, so long — coffee, gray sky, brown city, chewed-up thoughts, layers of Mexican blankets, the heater kicking on like a persistent commentary on the erosion of reservoirs — […]

  • Synchronicity and the kindness of strangers – – –

    Smith collage from 1980s Clevebland Rag-o-zeen – foto by Smith We were in the coffee shop when I told Lady a friend said we should get a WiFi finder to tell us where free WiFi was. Ten minutes later the guy behind the coffee counter tapped my shoulder, handed me his WiFi finder and said […]

  • back in the u.s.a.

    Smith collage from 1980s Clevebland Rag-o-zeen – foto by Smith Rented a 3rd floor apartment today in an old Victorian house just the other side of the bridge (we’re all on the wrong side of the tracks here). Two large rooms, two bedrooms, an odd knook, kitchen, bathroom with essential tub, storage space in the […]