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clevebland rag-o-zeen

Smith collage for Dick Head’s Clevebland Rag-o-zeen, 1985 back cover – foto by Smith

Over at musician/collector friend’s place, he brought out some 1984-85 issues of Clevebland Rag-o-zeen put out by Robert Ritchie a.k.a. Dick Head, a punk musician artist poet publisher performance artist and professional self abuser who’s amazingly enough still alive. There were two front and one back covers by me.

Odd how the past loops around 24 years later.

I didn’t think so at first, but our moving back was a good idea. The cold and faster life of shock and all invigorate.

Something’s going to happen. Something’s already happening.

Smith collage for Dick Head’s Clevebland Rag-o-zeen, 1985 front cover – foto by Smith

Smith collage for Val Seeley poetry book by Dick Head – foto by Smith

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  1. Jesus Crisis says:

    I haven’t heard about Dick Head in forever! Cool….

    And fantastic collages!

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