Jeff Chiplis art exhibit postcard – foto by Smith

Three major dark mood bummers have been lifted from my brow.

1) Our friend and Love-Shack-Out-Back proprietor Jeff Chiplis (the inventor of recycled neon art according to the The New York Times) tried to jump start our dead car but we found out the battery was dead and beyond recall so he took me over to buy a new one. Actually took me three places to inspect an $80 battery, an $87 battery, and a $55 one. Guess which one we bought.

2) All by myself I researched how to switch my old computer’s anti-virus subscription to my new laptop for no charge. Lady usually has to do these computer things for me but was busy so i dood it myself.

3) We got internet cable installed in our new apartment.

Now all we need to do is get gas installed Wednesday, then we can move in and start taking long hot baths. In our 31 months travel we had a bathtub in London for 10 weeks and one in Marrakech for a month. Besides toking, nothing heals me and keeps me saner than soaking in a hot tub, and of course the greatest path to sanity is to soak and toke simultaneously. When mom spent 9 months dying in 2005, it was the nightly toke and soak that kept me going.

Chiplis is one of my guest artists at You can check out his work at It’s joyous to behold.

He’s also a friend of some 28 years and the owner of the Love Shack Out Back, a very small 2-room cottage which we’ve stayed in 4 times already: for 6 weeks after we sold our studio in 2006 and before we left the U.S., 12 weeks when we thought we were moving back to the U.S. in 2007 but moved to Mexico instead, a 2 week visit last July, and these past 4 weeks. I’ll show some fotos of it tomorrow – the kitchen has the glass shower in between the refrigerator and the cooking stove, giving new meaning to lunch meat and breakfast sausage.

postcard from another Chiplis art show – foto by Smith

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