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My Special Walk

A taxi van stopped by the sidewalk as I was thinking about stepping into streams blindfolded. Ran past some dobermen. They barked until I told them it was OK, then stopped at the 4 corners by the 04 on Wiley & Scranton.

Found a lost hubcap.

& thought about water, plants, and the importance of the planet.

Down Wiley, the animal protective league.

I thought about my stepgrandmother.

Two tulips and I think of her flaming lips.

Thought about taking photo of ALOT graffiti, then felt bad for the graffiti artists, then almost tripped but caught myself. God gave me a screw & I can’t find the picture of it. I did get this, though:

I thought, there is a hierachy. Then I heard a pneumatic air hiss from inside a building. Grandpa was a compressor engineer. I think everyone has great potential.

Stepped by the P to take a shot. Thought it wasn’t good until I found the sparrow.

2 Responses to “My Special Walk”

  1. MadM says:

    excellent Cleveland fotos

  2. Jack McGuane says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for posting, I enjoyed the whole thing.

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