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ask and

ounce for ounce fatness and death – foto by Smith

Inquire, and ye shall receive.

Our cat gets rambunctious in the night and romps across our hardwood floors, surely irritating our neighbor below. We’ve been trying to find a cheap rug to soften her sounds but no one’s answered our inquiries.

Tonight there was a knock on our inside door, which is strange because we’ve got a locked outer door. Open it up to a guy who lives in the house next door who came in through the open first floor door where the workers are still rehabilitating. He asked if we needed 6 free wooden dining room table chairs.

I said “No, we have enough, but I saw you cleaning a used rug the other day and wondered where you got it because we need one to reduce noise.”

He said “Oh, you can have mine, it’s too big for my room and I don’t want to cut it to fit.”

So I went over and brought it back and it fits perfectly. Not bad shopping one house away.

Even in my shadowed darkness of sleepless nights, the angels peek through.

shadow cat – foto by Smith

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