thru the past darkly – foto by Smith

Yesterday’s theft of our car radio flashed me back to Baltimore 1968. I came out to find my driver’s side window smashed with a brick, the car’s interior reeking of cheap booze from the bum who spent the night in it, and the contents of my glove compartment spread over the floor.

This frustrated me because the car had been unlocked, there was no reason to bust the window.

The good news was while picking up my stuff from the floor, I found the aluminum foil wrapped chunk of hashish I’d had in the glove compartment.

So once again bad news, good news.

Of course if you’re into karma, this all began in 1960 when 14 year old me stole 13 cars for joyriding. Before we began stealing, my older neighbor taught me that if the cars were unlocked, we could take anything we wanted. We rifled glove compartments for months before I upped the ante and took the whole car, glove box and all.

the shiny future (ha ha haaaa) – foto by Smith

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