bad news good news bad news bad news fixed

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bad news good news bad news bad news fixed.

Another knock on our inside door yesterday morning. Last knock two days ago produced a free rug. Went down and our next house neighbor sadly explained he’d seen the dome light on in our car and when he went over to check saw someone had broken in and stolen our car radio and ransacked our jockey box (aka glove compartment to you non-north-western folk. Said it’s happened to all of us, likely the drug house kids across the street. Our second floor neighbor still has plastic taped over her window.

Our neighbor had her car window smashed and radio stolen earlier, so I’m envisioning cleaning up broken glass and the expense and trouble of getting it fixed, but when I went down, no broken windows. somehow they unlocked the passenger side. So it was good news – plus the radio was so crappy we couldn’t play it anyway and certainly don’t miss it. Now when the thieves glance in our car, they’ll see the radio’s already gone.

Then on the way to get sesame bagels, our muffler went. Made minor noise on the way up, major noise coming back, plus the scraping of the muffler pipe on the road. Took 2 hours and $385 dollars to repair.

Add in $55 for a new battery, $120 for two new tires, car insurance, gasoline, the car’s original purchase price and I’m reminded why I hate cars – they’re money suckers. Plus they allow you to go more places, spend more money once you’re there, and visit more social situations. Bad, bad and bad.

The good news is the sun’s out, the trees and flowers are beginning to bloom, and we’ve gotten two nights of sleep in a row after 4 nights sleeplessness. Considering the personality changes and mind muddlement involved in just 4 nights of sleep deprivation, I can understand how the CIA’s sleep dep torture tricks would get their kidnapped prisoners to babble, but after hearing the lack of lucidity of what came out, I’d be disinclined to trust the results.

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be who you are be aware of you are beware who you are, and be at peace.

lady k

not enough souls

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there are too many people on Earth and not enough souls to go around.

In the year 1, there were around 200,000 people living on planet Earth. Now a mere two-thousand-eight years later, we’ve got 6.77 billion, an increase of 33,850% – or an average annual population increase of almost 17%. No wonder we’re eating the planet, we’re like a bloody fungus.

Around 137 million humans are born Earth-wide each year, and 56 million die – leaving 81 million new bodies a year to house, feed and rip-off. This is a much more realistic annual population increase of 1.1%.

Some guestimate there’s been 30 billion people born since since day one, leaving more than 23 billion human dead scattered about since the beginning of human history. That works out to 3.43 dead people for each live person now walking.

I’ve been thinking about requesting my 3.43 dead souls and putting them to work cleaning up my karma so I get a better deal in the afterlife.

The trouble here on Earth is there are only a finite number of available souls, and the live human population keeps growing. 1968 was the last year where there were an adequate number of souls to stuff one in each new born body. In the 41 years since then, each year there are more humans born and a few less old souls to go around as stocking stuffers.

This leave more and more humans each year born without souls. And the frightening thing is these soullesss humans tend to become CEOs, Politicians, Army Generals, Navy Admirals, Pederastic Priests, Police, Politicians – you know, professions with no moral codes. But the preponderance of them become Bankers.

And since more and more of the new born soulless create more and more Bankers who then feed in the same financial waters, they’ve proliferated so much they’ve turned on each other in a financial feeding frenzy like pirate piranhas, and they’ve devoured our national economical foundation leaving us in financial electro-shock therapy.

So I think we need to develop a new born baby test to see which ones are soulless. We could isolate the soulless ones and give them extra special Ethics classes, then forbid them to enter any profession that requires morals.

Or maybe we just kill all the Bankers and use them as fertilizer and toilet paper testers.

out of order – foto by Smith

People Who Help Me

People Who Help Me

I am reminded by all the coincidences of how my Grandpa used to dance with me. I’d put my feet on his feet, and my hands in his, and we turn in circles on the kitchen floor.

I lived with them for a while. I’d wake up early in the morning, before dark. He was always awake for me. He would make me some coffeemilk. We’d sit together at the kitchen table, me watching him read the paper until Grandma got up.

I love him so.

ask and

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Inquire, and ye shall receive.

Our cat gets rambunctious in the night and romps across our hardwood floors, surely irritating our neighbor below. We’ve been trying to find a cheap rug to soften her sounds but no one’s answered our inquiries.

Tonight there was a knock on our inside door, which is strange because we’ve got a locked outer door. Open it up to a guy who lives in the house next door who came in through the open first floor door where the workers are still rehabilitating. He asked if we needed 6 free wooden dining room table chairs.

I said “No, we have enough, but I saw you cleaning a used rug the other day and wondered where you got it because we need one to reduce noise.”

He said “Oh, you can have mine, it’s too big for my room and I don’t want to cut it to fit.”

So I went over and brought it back and it fits perfectly. Not bad shopping one house away.

Even in my shadowed darkness of sleepless nights, the angels peek through.

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Strangers in Paradise

I’m thinking that the sheriffs and the deputies are at peace.

I am feeling very happy, and very blessed.