Month: May 2009

  • $99 cuppa coffee

    baby bird fallen from its nest – foto by Smith While reading a time-killer semi-literate thriller, I came across a coffee mention so absurd I immediately thought it must be true – coffee selling for $600 a pound, the beans harvested from the shit of tree weasels. So I Googled it and found this on […]

  • meta 3

    stuff – foto by Smith dangerous – foto by Smith evolution – foto by Smith

  • empirical dada

    inside orange traffic cone with sun shining through – foto by Smith One of the reasons we came back to Cleveland was to return to where we began so we could compare who we are now to who we were then, see who we’ve become. I’ve downloaded enormously strange and varied data these past 44 […]

  • too much too

    road tar patch – foto by Smith The two ladies in my life are asleep: Lady K on the couch, Mandy our loaner cat against my leg here in the recliner. Muted daylight outside, cloudy sky, cool pre-rain breeze blowing. I have no schedules to keep or people to meet. Life is what it is. […]

  • zoo ooze

    zoo eagle – foto by Smith Went to the Cleveland Zoo yesterday. I haven’t been to a zoo since I spent 10.5 months in jail 39 years ago because it bothers me seeing things in cages unless they’re politicians, CEOs, priests, Halliburton’s killers, or the military. The good news is many of the animals are […]

  • easy art

    color Xerox transferred onto cloth – foto by Smith Here’s an easy, instant, trouble-free way to make fast art. Pile a bunch of items on top of a color Xerox machine and Xerox them onto transfer paper. Then use a heat press to transfer the transfer Xerox onto archival paper or (in these 3 examples) […]

  • interesting excerpt

    Reading the book Atonement by Ian McEwan. I am jealous of this author. He writes thoughts that I’ve had, or feel I’ve had, and I feel robbed. I haven’t written them down and he has and he’s beaten me to it: Briony sat on the floor with her back to one of the tall built-in […]

  • smith spawn

    Cheeseburger by Smith- foto by Smith Cheeseburger (detail) by Smith- foto by Smith Lotus Blossom by Smith – foto by Smith Smith 1990s postcard – foto by Smith Smith 1990s postcard – foto by Smith Smith 1990s postcard – foto by Smith 1990s postcard to my father – foto by Smith 1990s postcard to my […]

  • beatnik tea

    Oaxacan Gold, Mexico – foto by Smith A brief history of marijuana from WEEDS and Smith: 2727 B.C. – China begins using marijuana as medicine 500 B.C. – marijuana reaches Europe by way of India and Africa 1492 – Christopher Columbus brings marijuana to the new world 1619 – Jamestown Colony law: All settlers required […]

  • hot box

    Smith 1990s postcard – foto by Smith Here’s a comic sexual global warning piece Lady and I collaborated on in the small Adriatic fishing village of Liznjan Croatia in December of 2006. Here’s the rewritten version. HOT BOXES If every woman would wear refrigerating underwear to cool down their little vaginas, it would help global […]