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easy art

color Xerox transferred onto cloth – foto by Smith

Here’s an easy, instant, trouble-free way to make fast art. Pile a bunch of items on top of a color Xerox machine and Xerox them onto transfer paper. Then use a heat press to transfer the transfer Xerox onto archival paper or (in these 3 examples) cloth. An added benefit with transfers is once they’re transferred, everything is reversed, so the words are backwards which lends an air of mystery to the finished piece.

For me, art and photography are easy – it’s poetry that’s hard. Art is play, poetry work. And of course it’s poetry that matters to me more than art and fotos.

Another color Xerox art trick – the machine makes three passes for the three different colors, so slightly move some of the pieces in between each pass and you’ll get color smears which rather make it look like a 3-D picture.

This is today’s art lesson 101 from Mr. Found Object Smith.

color Xerox transferred onto cloth – foto by Smith

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  1. Jack McGuane says:

    If you don’t want the text to be reversed can you run it through again to reverse the reversal? I’d also be interested to see what ten or twelve copies would look like if you copy the copy each time and arrange them in order from last to first, and then arrange them randomly.

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