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empirical dada

inside orange traffic cone with sun shining through – foto by Smith

One of the reasons we came back to Cleveland was to return to where we began so we could compare who we are now to who we were then, see who we’ve become.

I’ve downloaded enormously strange and varied data these past 44 months living with Lady. Toss in 31 months foreign travel and it’s a massive update in need of reboot. But I can’t reboot. I can’t stop living, don’t have time, can’t turn myself off to update data then turn my new me back on.

So new data has to slowly seep into current data, sort of like a skin pop.

Don’t know much. I do find I’m a more patient, relaxed person. A few folk seem to like me more now than they did before. And there’s a hint of future art and poetry in the air.

It’s taken three months to get to this point: one to secure car and apartment, one to furnish apartment, and one to acclimate.

Now on to Phase 2, whatever it is to be. This continuous living of life is a weird business. I should get time off for good behavior.

inside orange traffic cone with sun shining through – foto by Smith

2 Responses to “empirical dada”

  1. Jack McGuane says:

    It’s being weird inside a traffic cone. Maybe being swallowed by a volcano.
    Maybe being inside a breast nipple
    Maybe being inside a big penis.
    spitting out lava, mothers milk or jism, maybe all three at once?

  2. Jesus Crisis says:

    love the data/dada play.

    i can kinda relate – am still processing prison vacation and changes, but too distracted by living to fully engage in that.

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