kitchen Lady – foto by Smith

Lady decided she needed to give back to the community so volunteered us to help out once a week at the Cleveland Food Bank which collects, sorts, cuts, chops, makes, bags food for charitable agencies to pass out to the poor.

Today was our first day, and was spent in the kitchen.

Our task was to take four-foot long 40-pound bags of processed turkey breast and turn them into one pound chunks of meat which we bagged in ziplock baggies and boxed 50 bags to the box. They wanted 1,000 baggies of meat and ended up with 1,250.

It’s only a two-hour shift, but it is intense, fast and tiring, but at least we get to wear fashionable duds (see fotos).

Each week we volunteer, we’ll be doing a different task, so should learn a lot.

kitchen Smith – foto by Smith

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