bevel mirror me – foto by Smith

A friend asked if I could teach how to take fotos. Yes and no. The trick is your eye: how you look, notice, see. Nothing technical involved except a small self-focusing digital camera that’ll fit in my front jeans pocket so I am ALWAYS ready to shoot.

I do a lot of thought experiments, like how light hits water and refracts and bounces, or how light can overpower detail turning it into whitewash or silhouette.

Take these fotos for example – easy experiment. Just find a mirror with beveled edges. This mirror here has multiple bevels in each corner. I point the camera into the mirror with the lens looking directly into a bevel or two almost touching the glass so the camera sees me in the mirror through the edged glass. Never have any idea what will appear, especially since I can’t see what I’m taking. Usually I get one or two successes and multiple failures with each attempt, but this time a whole bunch came out well.

more bevel mirror mes – foto by Smith

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  1. nice ole redwheelbarrow too—facets—grew up as a professional & thus conservative fotographer before i went amateur & in the 50’s & 60’s i searched out all the WEEGEE i could find–he did strait street fotos for $$$ & shots into mirrors & lenses & darkroom distortions for himself

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