Schrödinger’s cat – foto by Smith

Either my dick has gotten bigger or else the email spams telling me how small it is have decreased because I get far far fewer messages these days about my inadequacy than I used to.

I’ve probably still a small wee willy because the number of young slut spam emails wanting me to view their naked flesh has also decreased dramatically.

No more big dicks, no more loose women – what’s happening to the lowest common denominator internet spam sludge I’ve come to know and hate?

Come to think of it, there are way fewer illicit drug emails too. Screw the dicks and sluts–who needs em–but less drugs is serious bidness.

I still get the occasional Nigerian bank scam proposal though. I’m figuring on using all the stolen funds they’re promising to buy me a bigger penis, some looser women, and a buncha them drugs.

my inner trickster – foto by Smith

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